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UN’s Radical Agenda Pushes Sex, LGBT Education Starting In Kindergarten

WEB Notes: This shows you the degree of perversion in our time. It is disturbing enough for one who is a man to have a desire to be a woman and then push that ideology on the adult population. It is quite another to push that same distorted ideology onto our young children. God is not pleased.

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‘A Microaggression’: This Boston College Just Banned Students From Saying ‘God Bless You’

Telling a classmate “God bless you” could land you in some serious trouble at a Boston women’s college — that is, according to newly released social justice guidelines that label the remark a “microaggression.”

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Stop School Violence Act Passes House With Near Unanimous Support

WEB Notes: “Let’s do something”. When they pass a bill, they feel like they are “doing something” to stop the problem, when in reality they do not understand the problem at all…

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Student Booted From University’s Religious Studies Course For Contending There Are Only Two Genders

WEB Notes: Bravo to this young man, but I do not know whether to laugh or cry at this whole article. A former church pastor now turned transgender was the subject of debate and the class is on Christianity. What on earth are they teaching in our Universities today? I think we just found out so the next question we should ask is… Why are we attending?

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Gallup: 61% of College Students Says Campus Climate Deters Conservative Speech

WEB Notes: Do you see how we are being conditioned as a people? Speech is speech. If you do not like someone’s speech then simply walk away, period. As for these students, I certainly would not spend my money on any institution who did not grant me these rights. Otherwise, you are simply feeding the beast so to speak.

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University OKs Guns on Campus… 6 Months Later the Results Are Breathtaking

WEB Notes: The article tells us crime decreased by 13%. Why do you think that is? Because you do not know who has a firearm and who does not! It keeps the “honest” people honest as they say. You are not going to come and take my wallet if you think I could be packing a firearm to send you back to the Father. Now if I held a sign that said, “defenseless” that would be quite another story.

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In the Future, There Will Be No Limit to What AI Can Accomplish in Science

The application of AI to science is being driven by three great advances in technology, according to Ross King from the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Manchester, leader of a team that developed an artificially intelligent “scientist” called Eve.

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Men’s Sperm Counts Are Dropping, and Scientists Don’t Know Why

WEB Notes: So what is different about the Westernized world? How about our food and healthcare system. There is no doubt about it, our food system is polluted in more ways than one and created using synthetic ingredients. God never intended for people to eat chemicals. He intended for us to eat food from nature…

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‘In God We Trust’ Removed From School Classroom Following Complaint

WEB Notes: So it was not really parents who complained, but the president of an atheist organization. How funny to think an “In God We Trust” sign was in his kids school and he did not even know about it. This group actually hates God from everything I can tell. They are also the ones who complained to Secretary of State James Mattis recently.

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Kentucky School District Will Allow Teachers To Carry Concealed Guns

Teachers could soon be carrying concealed guns inside schools in Pike County under a proposal that was preliminarily approved Monday evening by the Pike County School Board.

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California Communists Seek Private And Homeschool Oversight

WEB Notes: Remember the article about people leaving California? Yes, it is tied to this and so many other outrageous policies. It makes ones head spin! Due to a couple wack job parents who mistreated and imprisoned their 13 children, the California Commies now want to regulate all private and homeschoolers under the guise of “fire protection”…

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13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids

WEB Notes: The article goes on to say, back in 1929 there were about 248,000 public schools. Today, there are less than half despite a US population that has tripled. Private a homeschool will help fill in a little here, but not that much.

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