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10 Stories That Cut Through the Awful and Depressing Media Cycle to Inspire You

1) A homeless boy from Detroit, Michigan, had his Christmas wish come true when his family was able to move into a fully furnished home that, much to his delight, included a bed of his own. Watch him break down in tears of joy. It’s pretty incredible.

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A Quarter Of Non-Believers Pray When Faced With A Crisis

WEB Notes: You have heard us say many times, there are no half beliefs, you either believe in our Father or you do not. You either stand with Him and His Word or you do not…

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Over 200 Million Christians Facing Severe Persecution Worldwide

WEB Notes: The only reason they care to tell you this now is the Global Powers of this world wish to remove the government of North Korea from power and replace it with one they control…

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Paula White Urges Followers to Give ‘First Fruits’ Offering of a Day, Week or Month’s Wages

WEB Notes: If you did not know before, you will now. I find this “teaching” disturbing and disgusting. Our Father is not hard up for a buck. Our Father owns the entire world and everything in it, including you (Psalms 24:1). It is not our Father that needs the buck, but the church. Do not let someone try and weasel you out of your money and certainly do not let them lay a guilt trip on you. It is true, we should donate and help our Christian communities when they help us, it keeps the message coming, but do not demand anything from the people (Proverbs 3:9-10)!…

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Gideons No Longer Allowed to Offer Bibles at Kansas Elementary School Following Complaint

WEB Notes: Maybe those same parents would prefer what Teen Vogue magazine promotes these days. Very sad to see our Father’s Word removed over a simply complaint. You will never be able to appease all of the people all of the time so do not even try.

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A Group of Christian Retirees are Using RV’s to Prove Age is But a Number

Proving that retirement doesn’t mean slowing down, retired Christians from “every corner” of the United States and Canada are finding new ways to grow their faith and give back through Roving Volunteers In Christ’s Service, a “non-denominational Christian organization for couples with a heart to serve the Lord during their retirement years.”

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US: Muslims To Become Second-Largest Religious Group

Muslims are expected to become the second-largest religious group in the United States after Christians by 2040, according to a new report.

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How To Recapture The True Spirit Of Christmas In A Toxic Age

Source: Rutherford Institute

How is it that despite all of the blessings and advantages we in the United States possess, as a nation we continue to major in minors, prioritizing politics and profit margins over decency and human-kindness?

We’ve been operating in this topsy-turvy, inside-out, upside-down state of being for too long now, but the absence of goodwill, charity and human kindness is especially apparent now, with Christmas just around the corner.

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Humans Will Happily Worship A Robot Messiah, Experts Claim

WEB Notes: Of course the headline is, well headline candy from the source. No one is literally going to bow before a machine. They simply mean, the machines will be so smart and advanced we will go to them for knowledge and understanding and that in a sense is worship. After all they just created a “church” for it. You should read the article, it is interesting and reminds me of a verse…

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Modern Day Witches Call Theirs ‘A Beautiful Way Of Life’

WEB Notes: What a bunch of fruit cakes. Some people become so empty in life they seek after fables, boy I have seen some of this first hand and it is real sad…

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Mattel Releases First Barbie Wearing A Hijab

WEB Notes: We tear down iconic national monuments in our nation because the people are Caucasian. We murder babies because it is a woman’s right. But hey, it is quite all right to create dolls of another religion one in which features the covering and hiding of woman’s features. Go figure. They have every right to create it and you have every right not to buy it.

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“Witches Are Everywhere These Days,” Season Of The Witch

WEB Notes: In the third paragraph here it becomes apparent, Christianity failed this individual. Chris did not fail, but man failed. Instead of teaching our Father’s Letter they played snake charmer, what fools!…

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