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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Reminder: Bible Question and Answer

Friday: How Can You Obtain Wisdom?

We will publish our latest Bible study titled, “How Can You Obtain Wisdom?” this Friday, February 9th.

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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Reminder: Bible Question and Answer

No Updates Today

Updates will resume tomorrow.

Thank you.

Friday: Bible Question And Answer

Reminder: Bible Question and Answer

PRK Surgery and Site Update Schedule

First, Merry Christmas and thank you so much for the warm prayers and wishes in the emails and comments we have received.

Recovery from PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is going great! With PRK there is a much longer recovery process than with LASIK and each procedure has its positives and negatives. But if you were “blind as a bat” like me, PRK is your best (only) option (aside from glasses and contacts). Recovery will take weeks to months before my vision is 100% stabilized. However, that will not stop site updates as my vision is very good already.

Speaking of site updates, we plan to resume site updates tomorrow (December 22nd) though we will not post each and everyday. We plan to get back into a regular posting cycle after the first of the year…

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Going Under The Knife Today

Alright, not really! No knifes will be involved.

Today, I will have elective PRK eye surgery which means the site will not be updated for at least a few days. I am sure the last thing I will want to do is stare at a monitor post operation. Prayers always welcomed.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thank You,

Brandon T. Ward

Reminder: Bible Question And Answer

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

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