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Afghan Soldiers Are Using Boys As Sex Slaves And The U.S. Is Looking The Other Way

WEB Notes: This goes hand in hand with the story about opiates and how they killed more Americans in one year that all terror attacks in the last 20 years. The record amount of opiates is due to the record production of opium in Afghanistan and which nation is lording over it? The US. You do realize Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium? Of course opium production is 40 times higher in Afghanistan since the US invasion. It may be tough to swallow, but this is the truth.

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Bible Question and Answer Delayed Until Saturday

Good morning.

We apologize, but Bible Q&A has been delayed until Saturday. We were extra busy this week.

Thank You for your understanding.

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

A Nation Disgraced: Trump Tweets Video of Himself Wrestling CNN

WEB Notes: These are the type of articles we typically do not post. But today we are. In the year 2017 we no longer have a President in the White House. We have a reality TV star who continually keeps you pre-occupied. The White House has turned into a house of entertainment for the American people. This is an utter and complete embarrassment to our nation. If we had any dignity left it is certainly gone now.

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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Mark Zuckerberg compares Facebook to church, Little League

WEB Notes: “Unify their lives” he says? It certainly is not facebook. Facebook is not going to be able to replace face to face relationships. They can form all the groups they want, but there is a difference between chatting with someone online and seeing them face to face and having a conversation. Generations are growing up where all they know is the online world. We live in interesting times no doubt about it.

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No Updates Today

We will be back tomorrow. 

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Friday: The Timeline Of The Tribulation: Chapter 6 – The Hour of Temptation

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

DEA Deploying Powerful Spyware Without Required Privacy Impact Assessments

It’s not just the FBI that can’t seem to turn in its privacy-related paperwork on time. The FBI has pushed forward with its biometric database rollout — despite the database being inaccurate, heavily-populated with non-criminals, and without the statutorily-required Privacy Impact Assessment that’s supposed to accompany it. As of 2014, it hadn’t produced this PIA, one it had promised in 2012. And one that applied to a system that had been in the works since 2008.
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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

U.S. proposes fining United Airlines $435,000 over unsafe flights

WEB Notes: The same airliner who drug a man off their flight recently. United had 23 flights on the plane in question when it was not fully vetted. The fine, $435,000 in chump change. How much “money” is one of your family members worth?

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