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No Posts This AM

Good morning! No posts this morning. We will try to post some news and notes tomorrow morning.

Thank you,

Brandon T. Ward

No Posts Saturday and Sunday

Good morning.

No posts for today and Sunday. Sorry for the inconvenience and have a great day!

Brandon T. Ward

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Army Now Accepting Recruits With History Of Serious Mental Illnesses

WEB Notes: Apparently they are as desperate as the Border Patrol and US Air Force for new recruits. These type of people certainly need help, but to be allowed in the US military is a major mistake. Everything on ever level is being flipped upside down. When you are fighting in war you need to know the guy next to you is going to be there, not flip out.

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Friday: The Timeline Of The Tribulation: Chapter 7 – The Silence In Heaven and The Two Witnesses

Reminder: Bible Question And Answer

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Reminder: Bible Question and Answer

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Prayers For Northern California Residents Due To Wildfire

We awoke at 2am to evacuate our home this morning due to a fire burning through our community. Our family is okay.

Unfortunately, some have lost their homes. Please pray for everyone’s safety and peace of mind as these fires continue to burn.

Thank you.

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

No Updates Today

We plan to resume normal posting on Saturday morning.

Thank you.

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