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Robots Are Coming for Jobs of as Many as 800 Million Worldwide

WEB Notes: There is no “if” about it. Automation is happening more and more with each passing day. It is a simple fact, this is occurring and has been occurring for sometime now. With computers and robots multiple jobs can be combined into a process or task carried out with no interaction required by a person…

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Expect GM Cruise Self-Driving Vehicles To Arrive In ‘Quarters, Not Years’

GM and Cruise are still reluctant to put any specific timeframes on their plans for self-driving vehicle deployment, but the company is getting a bit more specific about its intent to bring self-driving to market. It wants to do so only when it can manage it safely, at scale, and in busy urban markets where it’ll have the largest impact, according to GM President Dan Ammann – and while major hurdles remain in terms of being able to technically achieve that, he says we should think about it in terms of “quarters, not years.”

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AI-Controlled Brain Implants For Mood Disorders Tested In People

WEB Notes: I have an idea! Why don’t they just create mindless people from a petri dish and then they can control them at will. No harm, no foul right! In all seriousness, when is going too far, going too far? Apparently we never seem to hit that tier, instead on and on it goes. No one is altering my mind, period. That is not treating the problem, it is masking it and artificially controlling the person. Not fixing the issue with them. Notice who is behind this, DARPA a solider that always thinks “kill the enemy” and stays focused on it is a good solider. How disturbing it is to see our people manipulated.

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MIT Admits: Some Electric Cars Worse Polluters Than Petrol Or Diesel

The British Government, meanwhile, has announced an ‘aspiration’ for all new vehicles to be electric or ultra-low emission by 2040.

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Facial recognition is tracking customers as they shop in stores, tech company says

WEB Notes: This goes way, way too far. If stores cannot figure out what people are after with all of the online ad campaigns and other things you would never believe then they will never figure it out. I am sure this technology will benefit them even more, however, as a people how much of this are we going to allow? I guess people just do not care anymore. I do not like my privacy to be invaded, I do not like being tracked everywhere I go. Why is that someone else’s business?

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Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

WEB Notes: Read the article for the breakdown, but if we use common sense and rational I can certainly see the single person in the self driving vehicle being sent off into a tree to save the school bus. At what point does this stop then? If two self driving cars were headed toward a head to head collision would the car be programmed to save the younger driver? How about the richer driver? Or maybe the driver who is in with the right political party… I think we can all see where this is going.

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Elon Musk says we only have 10% chance of making AI safe

WEB Notes: This is less about AI taking over and more about wickedness using this tech to promote their agenda. Do not live under a rock, think about where we are headed. If it were not for God’s plan the children of Satan would fulfill their own agenda and reduce the world’s population to 500,000,000 people.

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Amazon Launches A Cloud Service For US Intelligence Agencies

WEB Notes: Yes, that is right folks! Everyone is going to the cloud, including the CIA! If this does not show you they are on the same team I do not know what to tell you.

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Another Cryptocurrency Gets Hacked, Money Disappears. Here are the 30 Biggest Crypto Hacks

WEB Notes: Many people have said how “safe” these so called currencies are. The fact of the matter is nothing is safe unless you can hold it and even then it can be taken or manipulated. I would not invest in cryptocurrency unless you are willing to lose your investment. That should be common sense when it comes to investing. Do not invest more than you wish to potentially lose.

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Privacy Fears Over Artificial Intelligence As Crimestopper

WEB Notes: Apparently the laws we have to follow are different than those of our law enforcement agencies. In a store or other business, they must have a sign telling you that you are being recorded. Not in today’s law enforcement world.

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Ford Wraps Workers In Exoskeleton

WEB Notes: More interesting than this to me is the video below of the small robot adding onto itself to server various purposes.

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Founding Facebook President Sean Parker Unloads On Facebook “Exploiting” Human Weakness

Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, gave me a candid insider’s look at how social networks purposely hook and potentially hurt our brains.

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