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$10bn cryptocurrency devaluation in 24 hours, Bitcoin hit hard

Cryptocurrency investors have suffered heavy losses following a dramatic drop in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum in recent days.

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Indoctrination: Carrot App “Promotes” Health Through Rewards For Canadians

WEB Notes: You will need to watch the short video to truly grasp the indoctrination taking place. The app quizzes you about vaccines among other things and if you do a good job… You will earn shopping points. This is nothing short of indoctrination and many places of employment have yearly “training” tests where vaccines and LGBT issues arise. Of course in recent years we have seen the passing score change from 80% to 100%. Meaning you must answer everything their way or you fail the test.

This article goes on to explain the Ontario government provided a $1.5 million boost while the federal government pledged $5 million for “reward” points.

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Homeland Security says Americans who don’t want faces scanned leaving the country “shouldn’t travel”

WEB Notes: Do you see how this works? They pass a law that applies to others, in this case the migrants. Then overtime when everyone is acclimated to it, they change it to affect everyone. At that point there are very few who will complain or resist. With today’s world of “selfies” very few have a problem with a photo of them being taken. It is a conditioning to the mind to the every changing world and how your rights and freedoms are constantly being removed, no matter how small they may appear.

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These AI bots are so believable, they get more dates than you

“You sound cute, got a picture?”

“Nicole, your [sic] beautiful, are you single?”

“I love you, Jen.”

Those may sound like messages from a dating app, but they’re actually real emails people have sent to customer service representatives at places like car dealerships, insurance companies and education firms.

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UK: Five Year Old Investigated For “Sexting” Pictures Of Himself

WEB Notes: I am not sure what is more ridiculous the fact a five year old took sexual pictures of himself or a law saying he cannot do it. The world we live in is completely insane at this point. Why on earth does a five year old have their own phone/tablet and use it without parental settings or oversight? Why does this five year old boy even know what sex is and taking photos? The filth on TV has polluted the minds of our world and many believe it is perfectly acceptable. At five years old you are missing out on life if you are not  outside playing in the mud, riding bikes and running through the sprinklers.

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Verizon says personal data of 6 million users leaked online

The personal data of 6 million Verizon users has leaked online, the company said Wednesday. “Human error” caused the leak, Verizon told CNN Tech.

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Scientists Teleport Photon From Earth To Space

WEB Notes: This is really something else and reminds me of,

Genesis 11:6
6 “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” 

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“Matrix”: US Military Funds $65 Million Dollar Project To Connect Soldiers To Computers

WEB Notes: Does there come a point when technology goes too far? Personally I think so. What about you?

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To Close Digital Divide, Microsoft to Harness Unused Television Channels

WEB Notes: Our world becomes more connected by the day. Where are you in the world viewing this page? We live in exciting times.

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Did Amazon’s Alexa Really Call The Cops During A Domestic Dispute?

Police in New Mexico say an Alexa virtual assistant device contacted authorities during a domestic dispute earlier this month, but Amazon said on Monday that its devices are not capable of calling 911.

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Recruiters Use ‘Geofencing’ To Target Potential Hires Where They Live And Work

WEB Notes: This is very invasive, but if you read the article supposedly the people think it is great. This is all a part of the modern day world. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but these types of things to me are a bit too invasive.

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38 Percent of American jobs are at “high risk” of automation

WEB Notes: This is happening with each and every passing day. As technology increases services are being consolidated. Welcome to the world of the “cloud”. Companies no longer need to host their own email services, phone or other platforms.

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