I happened to be around a TV set today and just could not believe how much the media is parroting “Assad used chemical weapons on his own people“. They simply continue to repeat the lie over and over again. Not once did I hear them say, there is no proof. Of course, there is no proof. The entire notion that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people is a lie, a false narrative that is being used to push full scale war on Syria.

I do not know how many times I heard the Fox commentator say, ‘Assad dropped chemical weapons on his own people including woman and children, in their own bed‘.

In their own bed? Talk about pouring out the propaganda. Was the guy there to witness it? Maybe he will comeback on tomorrow and tell us the color of their blankies and add in it was story time with warm milk before bed.

Then the host and guest said that trump was upset with the news that Assad dropped chemical weapons on his own people and that was the reason for the attack, to send a message. It sent a message alright. One of a seriously emotional and unstable individual. You never ever act on emotions and without having all of the facts.

The most unfortunate thing is most people see nothing wrong with the actions trump took the other day. Very few can think outside of the TV and ask the question, why would Assad attack his own people with chemical weapons. How can Assad have chemical weapons since the UN removed them all back in 2013?

I will say however, I am starting to see some people wake up to the fact they were duped by voting for trump and that is good. Falling for the deception of men is very dangerous at this hour, if we hope to stand against the deception of Satan we need to question everything and set aside feel good politics and anything else that may lead us astray.


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