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Dead Sea being eaten by sinkholes: huge chasms appearing in the region at a rate of one per day

(TEP) – The Dead Sea is drying up at an incredible rate leaving huge chasms of empty space in its wake. These chasms appear in the form of large, devastating sinkholes and are increasing in number throughout the region. Experts claim they are now forming at a rate of nearly one a day, but have no way of knowing when or how they will show up. Estimates by Moment magazine suggest that, on the Israeli side alone, there are now over 3,000 sinkholes around the Dead Sea.

This compares to just 40 counted in 1990, with the first sinkhole appearing in the 1980s. The Dead Sea spans more than 60 miles through Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. Its waters are 10 times saltier than the northern Atlantic Ocean because it has no outlet. This means that any minerals that flow there, stay there.

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UN nuclear meeting rejects Arab push for Israel to join weapons pact

WEB Notes: If Iran and the rest of the middle east were required to sign this agreement then so should Israel. It is interesting that we are not told which countries voted for or against…

(RT) – Member states of the UN nuclear agency voted down an Arab-backed resolution targeting the Jewish state for criticism over its clandestine nuclear weapons arsenal.

Fifty-one countries voted against the so-called ‘Israeli Nuclear Capabilities’ measure and 43 states voted for it in what was viewed as a victory for the United States, which opposed the initiative.

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76: Airlines told to avoid flights near erupting Indonesian volcano – unrest reported at another Japanese volcano

(TEP) – INDONESIA – More than 15,000 residents have fled a volcano that rumbled to life less than a week ago in Indonesia and local airlines have been warned to avoid flying near the mountain as thick ash continues to spew from its crater, an official said. The aviation warning was issued for small planes serving short-haul flights in the region as small eruptions continue at Mount Sinabung, said Susanto, general manager for air navigation at Kuala Namu airport in North Sumatra’s capital Medan.

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Fed Delays Bond “Tapering”, Obama, ‘Raising the Debt Ceiling…Does Not Increase Our Debt’

WEB Notes: The engineered collapse of the financial system has been delayed. Had the war in Syria kicked into high gear you better believe a different decision would have been made.

(Yahoo) – The Federal Reserve has decided against reducing its stimulus for the U.S. economy, saying it will continue to buy $85 billion a month in bonds because it thinks the economy still needs the support.

The Fed said in a statement Wednesday that it held off on tapering because it wants to see more conclusive evidence that the recovery will be sustained.

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Germany confirms it supplied over 100 tons of ‘dual-use’ chemicals to Syria

WEB Notes: Of course they did, Syria did not make it themselves. The UK did as well and we covered that topic several weeks back.

(RT) – German officials have confirmed that Berlin sent chemicals to Syria that could potentially be used to make sarin gas. The government stressed, however, that it is confident the “dual-use” chemicals were not used for military purposes.

Germany exported more than 100 tons of potential ingredients for the deadly gas between 2002 and 2006.

“The permits [for delivery of the chemicals] were granted after a thorough examination of all potential risks, including the dangers of misuse and redirection with a view to possible use in connection with chemical weapons,” Germany’s Ministry of Economy said in a statement responding to a formal request from the socialist Left Party.

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Grading Obamacare: Why the Government Should (and Shouldn’t) Control Health Care Coverage

WEB Notes: ObamaCare is so great, Obama and Congress are opting out. If they, as our public servants have that choice, should you not have that same choice? Henry Blodget quoted in this article must be a dullard to say the least. What government program has ever ran with success? Our Social Security? No. Our Medicare? No. How about the Postal Service? NO! The government fails because there is too much corruption. They have no skin in the game, it is not their money they have to spend, it is yours, so there is no incentive to save it.
(Yahoo) – Drastic changes to employee health care plans are underway ahead of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Walgreen Co. (WAG), the nation’s largest drugstore chain, told its 160,000 employees Wednesday that their health care benefits are changing. The company is moving workers to a private health insurance exchange, one that “provides more health coverage choices and an opportunity for most employees to lower their out-of-pocket health care costs next year,” according to a press release. Walgreen employees will be given a cash subsidy that allows them to purchase their coverage directly from carriers.

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Peace: US, Russia Sign Nuclear Energy Agreement

WEB Notes: We have been pointing it out more and more. Peace talks among the world. They will talk about it and it will become more mainstream but it shall not stand (1 Thes. 5:3).

(RIA) – The United States and Russia have signed a joint agreement to significantly expand cooperation on nuclear energy, research and security projects, building on a long-standing history of working on such areas together, energy leaders for the two countries said in statements this week.

“This Agreement supports President Obama’s nonproliferation and climate priorities by providing a venue for scientific collaboration and relationship-building between the US and Russian research and technical communities,” said US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who signed the agreement Monday in Vienna, where he was attending an international atomic energy conference.

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Assad: It will take one year and US$1 billion to destroy chemical weapons

WEB Notes: This is not going to cut it. The West will blame Assad for stalling. Nothing was going to help Assad’s Syria. Its destruction has already been written (Isaiah 17:1).

(RT) – Syrian President Bashar Assad said he is committed to the chemical weapons agreement and vowed to hand over the country’s chemical arms to be destroyed. He added that the plan will cost around $1 billion and take about a year to complete.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, Assad said that Syria is ready to hand over its chemical weapons to any country willing to take them.    

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Abrahamic Covenant – E. Raymond Capt

Abrahamic Covenant

Abrahamic Covenant

Book: Abrahamic Covenant
Author: E. Raymond Capt
Description: This is that Little Blue Book that has opened the eyes of thousands of Christians!

This outline of the identity of God’s people as revealed in this study of God’s Covenant with Abraham was compiled as a guide for Bible students. Traces Abraham’s descendants through the formation of the Tribes of Israel their captivities and migration to their appointed land in Europe and later on to America (with Ephriam identified with England and Manasseh with America).

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Chaos as floods submerge Mexico’s Acapulco, death toll rises

(Reuters) – Mexico’s famous beach resort of Acapulco was in chaos on Tuesday as hotels rationed food for thousands of stranded tourists and floodwaters swallowed homes and cars after some of the most damaging storms in decades killed at least 55 people across the country.

Television footage showed Acapulco’s international airport terminal waist deep in water and workers wading out to escape floods that have prevented some 40,000 visitors from leaving and blocked one of the main access routes to the city with mud.

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Rohani prepared to shut Iran nuclear plant if West lifts sanctions

WEB Notes: Notice how the shift has moved to Iran publicly? I say publicly, because this has always been about Iran. Damascus is the road to Persia. Even while war is threatened we hear talks of peace. There will be no peace, but the world will cry for it (1 Thes. 5:3).

(Video, Haaretz) – Iranian president Hassan Rohani is reportedly prepared to shutter the Fordow uranium enrichment facility, as part of a possible deal with the United States and Europe.

In exchange, Rohani would seek the removal the harsh economic sanctions facing the Islamic Republic, according to Der Spiegel, the German weekly news magazine.

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49 killed, 148 wounded in violent attacks in Iraq

(Xinhuanet) – At least 49 people were killed and 148 others wounded in separate violent attacks across Iraq on Tuesday, including a wave of bombing attacks in the capital city of Baghdad, police and interior ministry sources said.

Eight people were killed and 20 others wounded when a car bomb exploded in the Husseiniya area in northern Baghdad on Tuesday evening, while six people were killed and 18 others wounded when two car bombs exploded in the Sadr City district in eastern Baghdad, a police source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

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