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We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

What’s the number one reason we riot? The plausible, justifiable motivations of trampled-upon humanfolk to fight back are many—poverty, oppression, disenfranchisement, etc—but the big one is more primal than any of the above. It’s hunger, plain and simple. If there’s a single factor that reliably sparks social unrest, it’s food becoming too scarce or too expensive. So argues a group of complex systems theorists in Cambridge, and it makes sense.

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Preparing for Economic Collapse

(Peak Prosperity) – We bring back to the forefront an article from contributor Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre. With the many new sources of turbulence in the financial system and many new unknowns of how our predicaments will play out, we can always look to the past for guidance. The following is an account from a long time Peak Prosperity member who has lived through economic collapse. FerFAL experienced the hyperinflationary destruction of Argentina’s economy in 2001 and continues to blog about his experiences and observations of its lingering aftermath. His website and his book Surviving the Economic Collapse offer windows into the probable outcomes to expect during a collapsing economy. Note: Our site’s What Should I Do? Guide offers specific guidance relevant to a number of the steps FerFAL recommends below. Review, Learn, and Get Prepared.  Better a year early than a day late. 
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Mid-East Tensions Build: Report States Israel Has 80 Nukes While Iraq Warns Israel Not To Use Airspace For Iran Strike

A new report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has weighed in with an educated guess about the Israeli military’s secretive nuclear weapons program, estimating the nation has around 80 “strategic” level nuclear weapons.

The estimate suggests 50 of the warheads are for Jericho II medium range missiles, with another 30 gravity bombs to be dropped from warplanes. The report says it is possible that smaller tactical nukes could also be in the nation’s arsenal.

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Syria: Chemical weapons have been used by both sides, says UN team

There is evidence that chemical weapons may have been used by both sides in the Syrian civil war, says a new UN report. The report found “reasonable grounds” to believe that chemical weapons had been used on four occasions in March and April but could not determine which side was behind them.

“There are reasonable grounds to believe that limited quantities of toxic chemicals were used. It has not been possible, on the evidence available, to determine the precise chemical agents used, their delivery systems or the perpetrator,” Paulo Pinheiro, who chairs the UN commission of inquiry, told a news conference in Geneva.

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Obama announces new sanctions on Iran

President Obama announced new economic sanctions on Iran on Monday in a bid to raise pressure on conservative hard-liners who have vowed not to compromise with the West over Tehran’s nuclear development program.

Obama, who has faced demands from Congress to tighten sanctions, issued an executive order targeting large transactions involving the Iranian currency, the rial, in overseas banks. The goal is to further undermine a currency that has lost two-thirds of its value in two years.

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Putin: Russian Contract for delivery of S-300s to Syria yet to be fulfilled

Russia has not yet completed its contract to supply Russian-made S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Syria, President Vladimir Putin said.

“As for the S-300s, it’s one of the best air defense systems in the world,” Putin said following a Russia-EU summit. “It’s a serious weapon. We would not like to tip the balance of power in the region. We signed the contract a few years ago. It has not been implemented yet.”

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US, Israeli, EU lawmakers to call for united Jerusalem

Lawmakers from Israel, the US and Europe will come together on Tuesday in a rare joint event to declare their support for keeping Jerusalem united as Israel’s capital.

The legislators will be connected via a video conference from Jerusalem, Washington and Brussels. The politicians will speak about Jerusalem in honor of Friday’s 46th anniversary of the city’s reunification in 1967.

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Venezuela Pushes for Ban on GMO Seeds

Venezuela is going forward in the defintive elaboration and approval for a law guaranteeing security and sovereignty against the threat of transgenic seeds, said Socialist deputy Alfredo Urena.

Urena said in an interview to Venezolana de Television how important this is to preserve the biological diversity of the nation and food sovereignty, since the transgenic seed market is under the monopoly of a few transationals, such as renowned enterprise MONSANTO.

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Supreme Court: Police can take DNA swabs from arrestees

A sharply divided Supreme Court on Monday said police can routinely take DNA from people they arrest, equating a DNA cheek swab to other common jailhouse procedures like fingerprinting.

“Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee DNA is, like fingerprinting and photographing, a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the court’s five-justice majority.

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Turkey protest: Anti-government clashes spread

Police have clashed with protesters in the Turkish capital Ankara and in Istanbul, on the second day of unrest initially sparked by plans to build a shopping centre on a city park.

Thousands of people packed into Istanbul’s Taksim Square, near the Gezi Park, after police pulled out.

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Europe flooding worst in 70 years and still rising

(Video) – Waters from three swollen rivers gushed into the old town of Passau in southeast Germany on Monday, as officials warned that water levels — already the highest in 70 years — could rise further.

The city was one of the worst hit by flooding that has spread across a large area of central Europe following heavy rainfall in recent days. At least eight people were reported to have died and nine were missing due to floods in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

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Gerald Celente: “A Price For Freedom?”

(Video) – The latest video from Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente. 

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