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Russia Warns Of ‘Consequences’ For US-Led Strike On Syria

WEB Notes: The whole world is a stage. Russia is not going to do anything to the United States.

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May Defends Syria Airstrikes Without Parliamentary Vote

WEB Notes: The leaders of today do not follow the laws of the land which is very disturbing. It is a slap in the face to the citizens of their nations who do follow the laws of the land. The US has been waging war in Syria for years now without a vote by our own government for such action.

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Yahoo And AOL Just Gave Themselves The Right To Read Your Emails (Again)

Oath, the media division of Verizon that runs both AOL and Yahoo, is finally unifying the privacy policy of its two giant legacy Internet brands. That means an updated set of privacy terms and policies for hundreds of millions of users. And in an online world where privacy expectations have been radically reshaped in light of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica mess, it’s more important than ever to read the fine print on those splash screens.

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US, UK, France Launch Strikes On Syria, Damascus Residents Protest

Missile Fire Over Damascus Syria

The Damascus sky lights up with surface-to-air missile fire as a U.S.-led attack targeted different parts of the Syrian capital early Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Just hours ago, the United States, Britain and France launched a coordinated military strike against the sovereign nation of Syria. These strikes were ordered by US President Donald Trump over the “suspected use” of chemical weapons by the Syrian President (Basher Assad).

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Hoard Of Bronze Coins From ‘Great Revolt’ Unearthed In Jerusalem

WEB Notes: There is plenty of documentation that the ancient nation of Israel was once where modern Israel is located for those who doubt. This article goes on to reference the, “Jews” as the inhabitants of this region. Now let me ask you, what is a “Jew”?…

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Biblical Prophecy Claims The Rapture Is Coming April 23

WEB Notes: Bible prophecy? There is no Bible prophecy that says the “rapture” will occur on April 23rd. There is also no such thing as a “rapture”; of people, the church, your dog or cat. It is like the loch ness monster, it is a fable. Have you read God’s Word to realize that for yourself? One day, you will stand before God to give an account of yourself. Do you read the Bible for yourself and understand it, including prophecy? Or did you rely on someone else to do your study work?

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‘Attack On Syria Would Be Attack On Entire UN System’ – Bolivia’s UN Envoy

WEB Notes: Did your ears perk up just a bit? They should have. The current global structure will fail, period. Yes, we have a lot of globalism today and most of the world works together for the most part. However, the world is not truly combined and this is what we have laid out in The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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US Said Planning To Hit 8 Sites In Syria After Confirming Chemical Attack

WEB Notes: Confirming? The International Community is only now sending in a group to try and confirm the “attack”. Listen to the US President, “It’s too bad that the world puts us in a position like that.” Put in a position like that? Look folks, the nation of Syria is sovereign, it is not the 51st state and we are trying to protect our citizens. Your mind is being toyed with. Use your head…

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Inspectors Head To Site Of Suspected Gas Attack In Syria

A team of inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog was on its way to Syria on Thursday to begin an investigation into a suspected chemical weapons attack near the capital that has brought the war-torn country to the brink of a wider conflict, amid Western threats of retaliation and Russian warnings of the potential for “a dangerous escalation.”

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CDC Investigating E. Coli Outbreak Now In 7 States

WEB Notes: I encourage you to read Deuteronomy 28 today. It discusses the blessings and cursings a nation will receive if they follow, or do not follow our Father.

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Teen Gives 89Yr Old Neighbor Brownie Laced With Tranquilizer In Plan To Steal From Her

WEB Notes: This is turning into a flashback Friday at this point. In times not long ago, our young used to help the elderly across the street, now they drug and steal from them. How things have changed. Does it make it right? Not a chance, so what does the Bible have to say?…

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