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Canada: Christian School Ordered to Stop Teaching “Offensive” Bible

WEB Notes: Can you believe the day and age we live in when the Bible is considered dangerous and parts of it cannot be taught? Did you ever think you would see the day?

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Israel Secretly Paying Salaries of Syrian Rebels on Golan Heights Border

WEB Notes: If we know about it, it is not really a secret anymore is it? Why would anyone be surprised about this news? What is going on in Syria is a proxy war. Anyone not on the side of Assad is fighting against him. You do realize ISIS once apologized for attacking Israeli soldiers? You do realize an Israel think tank publicly made the case not to attack ISIS as they are a “useful tool” against Iran and Syria? If you do not understand these simple facts we recommend you read our article, “The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS“.

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US nurtured Al-Qaeda & supported terrorists in Chechnya – Putin

WEB Notes: Putin has said this many times. But that has not stopped his military from dropping bombs on Syria either has it? He fully understands the US creates and supports the terrorists factions in the middle east. But does nothing to stop it. Why? He is a part of the same agenda, he just has a slightly different angle.

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Hungarian PM Orbán: ‘The European Union Is on the Side of Terrorists’

WEB Notes: This guy better be careful with his words. The globalists do not like light shining on their agenda. His airplane just might have a “mechanical failure”, where have we seen that before…

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Iran Accuses US of Alliance With ISIS, Claims To Have Proof

WEB Notes: Iran is a little late to the party. There is plenty of proof out there that the US and other Global Powers are supporting ISIS in an effort to rid the world of nations who are not a part of the globalized world.
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Duterte claims ‘never approached’ US for help in battle against Islamist militants

WEB Notes: Duterte just blamed the US for the presence of ISIS weeks ago and feared assassination by the CIA. The US has now essentially invaded the Philippines. This shows you how much ownership the nation of the Philippines has over itself. Can you believe the hour we live in where a nation can continually violate the rights of other nations and not a peep from anyone in government or the citizens of our own nation?

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Amazon Prime debuts discount for people on government benefits

WEB Notes: So they just let us know even at $5.99 they are making a profit. Which means the rest of us are being gouged an extra $5.00 a month. Think of the profit margins and if greed was not so common how much less everyone would actually have to work to afford things in life. As for this article, this appears to be the beginning of “universal basic income” on some small level. It is entitlement. You the working slave are entitled to pay your taxes so the people who do not have to work can get extra discounts for now working. You see how the “think” in the world works these days?

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‘Oldest Ever’ 300,000 Year Old Human Fossils Unearthed In Morocco

Morocco Human Jaw Bone

WEB Notes: The best thing they could come up with was a guy looking at a rock and this “jaw bone” of a “human”. Here is a jaw bone of a real human, can you see the difference? Do you notice how the real jaw bone on the upper portion does not cover the rear molars, but the “rock” jaw bone does. Reach into your own mouth and check for yourself. In the jaw bone pictured, the teeth actually look glued into place. Notice how the story of the scientist constantly change. In their stories, they have different races of “humans” that evolved over time. Why did they evolve all at once across the entire globe? Why did some not evolve at different rates? If we came from apes, why are there still apes? Why are they not in the intermediate states of evolution? By sciences own understanding we should have “neanderthal” men walking around and I see none? Well, I have seen a couple that were pretty close, but I am sure there is a good explanation.

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U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster Attends Globalist Bilderberg Conference

WEB Notes: I hope no one is actually surprised by this. We had a post about it yesterday. There has been no draining of the swamp and there will be no draining of the swamp. It was simply a campaign catch phrase and it worked perfectly. Trump is surrounded by “snakes” if you have eyes to see you will understand what I mean. The tentacles of globalism continue to dig in.

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Farmer Files Suit After Being Banned From Selling at Market for Disallowing ‘Gay Weddings’ on Property

WEB Notes: For a season the farm stopped hosting weddings of all kinds, but resumed later. This prompted,

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Minnesota Measles Outbreak Exceeds Last Year’s Nationwide Numbers as Los Angeles Mumps Outbreak Declared

WEB Notes: Of course they want to pin this on the “unvaccinated”. Yet, there has been plenty of evidence that proves those that were vaccinated carried the virus that spread to others. Let us use common sense for a moment. If you are vaccinated you are told that you are “protected” from the virus. So then, how are you able to contract it? You contract it as the vaccines rarely work as advertised. Instead you receive a “healthy” dose of poison.

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Elon Musk: Prepare for ‘Universal Basic Income’

WEB Notes: How many times has this now been echoed? The big boys on the block continually repeat this line over and over again. Just who is going to pay for it? The billionaires? Right. You and I will. However, if you understand the globalists plan they want to rid the world of its entire population except for 500 million people. In case you need a reminder, there are 7 billion souls on earth at this time.

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