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Danish man who videoed himself burning the Quran charged with blasphemy

WEB Notes: Blasphemy? They do not even know what that means. So what if the guy burns a quran or Bible. Let people think for themselves. No one should be sent to prison for burning a book. If someone burned a Bible I would say they are a fool, but it certainly is not worth sending them to prison over. More and more freedom is being removed from the people.

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UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism

WEB Notes: The title of this article is contradictory. No whites allowed so social justice can work. What a joke! Talk about racism, this is racism. If it divides the people then it is not considered “hate speech”. A divided people cannot work and think together.

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Trump administration issues new immigration enforcement policies, says goal is not ‘mass deportations’

U.S. - Mexico Border Wall

U.S. – Mexico Border Wall – Flickr

WEB Notes: There is nothing wrong with protecting your borders. All of our borders should be protecting and you can start doing that by removing the candy that attracts some of them to this nation. Free welfare and healthcare would be a prime example along with the anchor baby regulations. Let’s start by removing these things which cost nothing and are common sense approach. Instead they work to continually divide the people. What I want you to note is how men will use rhetorical speech to fire up a people and gain support.

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Vice President Mike Pence Vows U.S. Support for European Union

WEB Notes: Now I thought we were going to look out for America only? What is this talk about supporting the European Union? It is globalist talk, not America first talk. Raise your hand if you are surprised.

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Household Debt Climbs to $12.58 Trillion, Just Shy of Its 2008 Peak

US Dollar: In God We Trust

US Dollar: In God We Trust – Flickr

WEB Notes: Yes, 2007-2008 was the time when the world collapsed and the bankers “saved us”. Do not let this little bit of truth about near record debt get you down, after all “Americans Are Brimming With Optimism On The Economy“.

You have to be wise enough folks to look beyond the hype of the media. The underlying facts are this nation like nearly every other nation is bankrupt. This is why they (bankers) created the bailouts to begin with. This is why there are low to no interest rates for banks. To artificially keep the economy alive. If you or I run out of money, we cannot print more money, we cannot change our interest rate on our homes to near zero to keep the show going. No, we face reality and a swift cold boot in the rear onto the street. The economy is being kept artificially alive until it is time to bring down the house of cards.

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Donald Trump calls media ‘the enemy of the American People’

WEB Notes: Of course Fox News is not the enemy of the people, they are on the “right” so they must be the good guys right? Wrong. Everytime this guy talks I feel as if I am watching some TV series or movie. I hear about him bucking the trends and making waves, but I see nothing changing.

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Big Brother is watching you: Jim Rogers prophesizes death of cash & total govt control of spending

WEB Notes: The article goes on to explain how cash is used to finance terrorist operations. Of course and this will be one of the narratives used to remove it. Terrorism which is a manufactured crisis to begin with. I will repeat, people certainly are dying due to terrorism. The point is, the terrorist machines like ISIS are proxies of the West, funded and created to overthrow governments who do not go along with the globalist narrative.

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Outlawing microchipping humans not so far fetched, Nevada senator says

WEB Notes: This entire idea proves how faint our sense of freedom really is. This is America, we are supposed to be free. What do they mean we need a bill to keep us from being forced to have some implantable chip? If you don’t want a chip you don’t get a chip. The fact that the government wants to get involved tells you they will end up pushing something on the people. Let’s face it, we all are chipped already. You are attached to a cellular device that has wifi connectivity which basically provides tracking wherever you are. A personal listening device if you will. That’s what the CIA reminded us of anyway.

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Oroville Dam News and Updates: 188k Evacuated, National Guard To Assist With Repair, Officials Knew Risks 12 Years Ago – Video

Update: Since 5pm yesterday (12 hour period) the water level in Lake Oroville has dropped by 4 feet due to water released from the main spillway.

WEB Notes: Let this be a lesson to everyone. You always need to be prepared for an emergency, this is why we constantly talk about preparation. When people are struck by crisis’ like this they always say we did not know it was going to happen. That is exactly why you should always be prepared. You do not know what surprises life will bring you each and everyday. You have insurance on your home and cars don’t you? Preparing is an insurance policy as well, get used to it, make it a part of your life. That does not mean you have 20 years worth of this or that. It means you do not leave your cabinets dry. This is the perfect time to address this as this is fresh in everyone’s mind.

For those who were evacuated all they would be able to do is take water, food and blankets with them. But you need to have those items to begin with. Trying to stock up during a time of crisis is just about worthless. I know people who were stuck in the evacuation traffic for hours without moving. It was extremely upsetting for them and everyone else as roads were blocked off by authorities directing traffic out of the towns. We are talking about 188,000 people who were evacuated from the area. This area of Northern California consists of many small towns and communities. Always know your surroundings and understand the roads in your area to possibly make your exit strategy faster. Never become complacent with preparation, when you do that is when disaster tends to strike and that would be a shame for those who typically work hard doing that.

On Wednesday more rain comes to these communities, so our prayers go out to everyone involved.


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How algorithms (secretly) run the world

WEB Notes: We are entering a dangerous new phase, one where manipulated computer systems have a say in your future.

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Jeff Sessions, Who Vowed to ‘Respect’ and ‘Follow’ ‘Unconstitutional’ Roe Abortion Ruling, Confirmed as Trump AG

WEB Notes: The law of the land he says? Exactly what is the Constitution? The Law of the Land. So anything that is contrary to it is a violation of the Law of the Land and is null and void. But not in today’s world.

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US And Other Global Powers Conduct War Games 50 Miles Off Iran’s Coast

As U.S. tensions with Iran rose last week, 17 ships from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Australia launched a major war game just 50 miles from the Iranian coast.

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