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The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box

United States Capital Building

By: Brandon T. Ward

The United States of America. Once blessed, once great. Have you ever asked yourself why this nation was once blessed? Why and how did this nation become the greatest nation on the face of the earth? It was because we put our Father first, He was not only a part of our lives, He was a part of the nation itself. For decades we have allowed officials and presidents into power that do not know our Father. We have embraced church leaders who do not know God, instead, they lean on their own understanding (Jeremiah 17:5, Proverbs 3:5). “We The People”, as a whole, as a nation have lost our way. We have lost sight of the fact that it was God, our Father in Heaven who blessed this nation and made it great, not us or those we allowed to enter into office.

This year like so many times before we are faced with a presidential race “that is the most important in history”. There are only two candidates, both of which were forced on us by the children of Satan and their mainstream media. Donald Trump the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate. Nearly 90% of you did not want either of them to be your president to begin with. Yet here we are, days away from the election and all the people can say is vote for Trump or Clinton.

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Where in the Bible does it say you can’t be transgender? Nowhere.

WEB Notes: Look at the guilt trip the mainstream media is trying to lay on our Christian brothers and sisters in this article. I see it the exact opposite. I rarely see Christians actually making a stand. Look at the so-called Christian churches of our time who have embraced homosexuality. Who wed homosexuals. Churches who have homosexual pastors. That is not making a stand, that is falling for perversion and filth. If all of our Christian brothers and sisters would stand up, if they would make a stand for God Target would have already gone out of business.

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O’Reilly and Trump On The France Terror Attack: ‘It’s a World War Scenario With Terrorism’ – Video

WEB Notes: This is huge news and seed planting by the mainstream media. O’Reilly posed the question to Donald Trump, “It is a world war now, do you agree with that?

Trump responds, “I certainly do and it is out of control.

O’Reilly, “If it’s a world war you have to mobilize NATO, both ground and air to wipe out ISIS.

Trump, “I would say that would be just fine and I have said it.

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NSA Spy Program: Why Should I Be Concerned?

FLASHBACK: We covered the NSA event back in 2013, read this article and the documentation from the CIAs own mouth from that time. The new wikileaks are nothing new, nothing that we have not already been told.

By: Brandon T. Ward

The world has now been made aware of the security shattering NSA scandal. The story broke with information leaking out that Verizon was allowing the NSA to tap into their system and extract data on any user of their network. With each preceding day the story grew bigger. It was then leaked that 50 companies were apart of a secret program called PRISM including Google and Facebook to name a few.

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