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“The Whole World Lieth In Wickedness”: Record Crowd for LGBT Pride Parade in Israel

WEB Notes: A new record crowd for a parade of filth and “parties”. In the source article you will see a little girl atop a man’s shoulders. This is what our children are being exposed to in these end times. Children should know about this, but it should be explained using common sense and God’s Word. Israel is supposed to be the “Holy Land”, but it is anything but “Holy” in our time.

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Only 38% Of Americans Believe God Created Humans In Our Present Form

WEB Notes: This article goes on to blame the churches and colleges for this. Of course that is part of the story, but not all of it. Every aspect in our world today is anti-God, everything. You mention “God” and people will look away for a brief moment as if you said something horrible. Mention “Jesus Christ” and people not only look away for a few moments they start shifting around in their seats, suddenly their hair needs fixed so they motion their hands around. Watch people if you are not sure what I am talking about. We have been conditioned with the notion that saying, “God” or “Christ” is worse than a bad word. We have been told to keep this talk to a minimum as it might offend someone. But hey, the homosexual crowd can prance across the stage at our children’s schools and that is A okay. Drag queens can read to our children in our tax funded libraries and not a word. After all, that is “diversity”. But you Mr. and Mrs. Christian. You go ahead and bottle up that Christian stuff because its offensive to the sinners you know.

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“ISIS” Attacks Iranian Government: Global Powers Escalate Their One World Agenda

ISIS With US Military Hardware Tank

ISIS With US Military Hardware

WEB Notes: This is a major escalation in the “war on terrorism”. ISIS has now attacked Iran and Iran is blaming it on the Saudis. Trump said, “states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote“. The Global Powers of our time continually accuse Iran of supporting the terrorists including ISIS. Yet, common sense tells us Iran is a military ally of Syria. It has been documented Iranian forces are in Syria helping fight against the invasion of terrorists, including Global Powers such as the US, Britain and Russia. So why would Iran fund ISIS only to fight against them?

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Canadian Law Enables Government to Seize Children from Parents Opposing Gender Transition

Canada PM Trudeau at Toronto Pride Gay Parade

Canadian PM Trudeau Toronto Pride Gay Parade

WEB Notes: This is utter insanity! The government in Canada will now have the ability to take your children away from you and they are dead wrong. Further, we are not “caregivers“. We are parents. We are our children’s creators in the flesh, they are of our own bodies, they are not the governments property, but ours. If our child wants to walk towards the confusion of homosexuality it is our right and duty to steer them towards our Father’s Word. This world is brainwashing our children with the notion that homosexuality is okay. It is not okay and it is not natural. Two males cannot become a family, they cannot have children. The silence of the people have allowed this to happen, the “go along to get along” attitude has caused this perversion to rise above you. This world is rapidly coming un-glued and it will only get worse. What are you going to do about it?

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Islamic State Claims Deadly Iran Attacks on Parliament and Khomeini Tomb

WEB Notes: Now we have been told in the past that Iran is funding terrorism in the middle east including ISIS and now ISIS attacks Iran. You want to be very careful what you believe. We know Global Powers are gearing up for a confrontation with Iran and doing it via proxy army is one method. We see that has worked very well for them in Syria. First they send in the proxy army of terrorists and a few years later “coalition” planes and troops are above and on their soil attacking Syria’s troops. We may see something similar to this used against Iran.

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UK PM Theresa May: Internet Must Be Regulated Following London Bridge Terror Attack

WEB Notes: The clowns are running the circus people. Barely two days after the terrorist attack in London and big government is looking to take away more of your freedoms. It always works this way, we have said it time and time again. The terrorists always attack the people, not the government who is attacking them in the middle east and the people are the ones who always lose their rights due to the government. Now think about that for a moment…

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Iran Developing Advanced Nuclear Capabilities, Heightening Time to Weapon

WEB Notes: “Iran is believed to be developing nuclear-related capabilities”? Do people think before they write? What if your neighbor told the neighborhood, ‘you know Jesse over there is believed to be a child molester’.

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Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever

WEB Notes: Of course it is getting worse. We live in a world where we are told, ‘if it feels good do it’. Drugs may give you a high, but you come down off that high and reality sets in. You become broke, drive away your family and in the end depressed. Drugs are not the answer, they will not help you. People who take drugs wish to escape reality, but you cannot escape this world. Instead of seeking an artificial escape, open your Father’s Word. Talk to Him and reach out to Him. He changes lives and makes them happy and complete.

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McDonald’s Locations Along DC Pride Parade Route Celebrate Homosexuality With Rainbow Fry Boxes

Mcdonalds Rainbow Fry Boxes

WEB Notes: Can you imagine McDonald’s fry boxes with a cross on the back? The horror of it all. The world would be up in arms over it as it might offend someone. But placing a six colored rainbow on the back of a fry box is okay to honor one of the most abominable acts in our Fathers eyes, homosexuality. You should realize a real rainbow, you know the one our Father uses to symbolize He will never flood the earth again consists of 7 colors in a spiritually significant number. 6 on the other hand is always symbolic for Satan.

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Retail Wreck? Over 1,000 Stores Close in a Single Week

WEB Notes: We posted the article “America’s Grand Decline: Half Of Americans Die Broke As Markets Hit Record Highs” yesterday which is right inline with this one. Record stock market prices, but records of truly unemployed, half of American’s die without a buck and now a 1,000 retail stores close down in a single week. Closed not open. More proof the economic numbers we are present with are fables designed to keep the lie going until it is time to reveal the truth and even then it will only be to promote the next phase of globalism.

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America’s Grand Decline: Half of Americans Die Broke As Markets Hit Record Highs

WEB Notes: Our nation is in decline on so many levels it is becoming hard to keep track of it. As we move farther and farther away from our Father that decline becomes more extreme. In March we posted an article titled, “Americans Are Dying With An Average Of $62K Of Debt” and just days ago we posted an article titled, “U.S. Household Debt Tops 2008 Peak, But This Time Americans’ Finances Are Better“.

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Trump Announces US Is Pulling Out Of Paris Climate Deal, But Does It Matter?

WEB Notes: This really does not mean a whole lot in my opinion and I will explain why in a moment. Trump already said they will consider “renegotiation of the pact in order to re-enter it. Trump made the announcement in Pittsburg and their mayor was not so happy stating,

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