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Time: 5 Radical Solutions to Fix Our Busted Government

WEB Notes: More and more we hear of new ways the government should be run. In this post Time Magazine is calling for a radical change to the Constitution based rule of law this nation lives (used too) under. These are all seeds being planted by the globalists to bring peoples mind to the thought that a change in government is needed, a change to its very structure.

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Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars

WEB Notes: I suppose this must be “fake news” as the “official” unemployment numbers tell us everyone is working and the air smells likes roses.

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Jerry Falwell Jr. Says Tillerson’s Support for Openly ‘Gay’ Scouts Irrelevant to Being Secretary of State

WEB Notes: This is one of the reasons why we have such rampant immorality in these end times. So called Christian men and woman of God cower down and let things like this slide. It is absolutely not okay to have a heathen reign over you. Harsh words? Maybe, but they are truthful words. An individual who does not follow our Father is by default a heathen and by default they are standing with Satan. It is that simple. There is no in between or gray areas and the sooner you figure that out the better off you will be. With so called Bible teachers like this the people do not have a prayer of a chance. How can they learn truth when they are told to believe in a lie? Grow a backbone already and stand up like a man or woman of God. Our Father will not bless a nation led by heathens. That should be painfully obvious to you if you have just a basic understanding of the Bible. All throughout history God punished the Israelites when they failed to follow His Word. Read Deuteronomy 28, read the blessings and cursings if you do or do not adhere to His Word. During the time of Elijah he was just about the only one making a stand for God when the rest of Israel forsaked our Father. Do not be one of those who wants to go along to get along. Make a stand and make it for God.

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Abomination: National Geographic’s First-Ever Trans Cover

WEB Notes: This nation has become a cesspool of filth and perversion. Truth is manipulated by the faithless turning it into a lie and the lies are touted as the truth. Our children are corrupted and told sin is okay to accept and embrace. We certainly cannot say we were not warned… (Isaiah 5:20, 2 Timothy 3:1-7).

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U.S. Destroys 14 Tanks at ISIS-Held Base in Syria

WEB Notes: They cannot “risk” ISIS using Syrian tanks, but they do not mind funding them and providing them with their own military hardware. The point here is more of Syria’s infrastructure and military hardware was just destroyed. This did not hurt ISIS.

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Facebook is going to use Snopes and other fact-checkers to combat and bury ‘fake news’

WEB Notes: Because nothing spells truth like Snopes and ABC. We have been posting articles about social media moving to censor news and here it comes. Their experts will consist of the controlled mainstream media and the supposed truth teller snopes. These are attempts to shape your world, to dictate to you what is truth and what is fiction. Everyone’s eyes should be wide open.

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Scientists Confirm: Darwinism Is Broken

Darwinian theory is broken and may not be fixable. That was the takeaway from a meeting last month organized by the world’s most distinguished and historic scientific organization, which went mostly unreported by the media.

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Obama Says U.S. Will Retaliate for Russia’s Election Meddling

WEB Notes: The mainstream media’s truth is constantly changing. Just two days ago we posted the article titled, “Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election“. Now obama is ready to make them pay for interfering. Which one is it guys, make up your mind already. For the rest of the audience not suckered by the mainstream, Russia and the US are controlled by the same globalists. Neither of these two are the good guys.

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Venezuelans fight to protect their savings as government pulls bills from circulation

WEB Notes: First it was India, now it is Venezuela. Banning cash to force citizens to place the cash into their digital bank accounts. This is not freedom.

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Yellen Speaks, Yields Spike, Mortgage Rates Jump, Oil Plunges: But Why?

WEB Notes: While it is still too early to be certain, with the selection of trump and now rate hikes it is becoming clear that the globalists are working to bring down the system. We are seeing Syria’s continued destruction and now rhetoric from Iran and the US concerning possible war.

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Why Google, Microsoft and Amazon Love the Sound of Your Voice – Video

WEB Notes: Think about the massive amount of data they have. Think about all of the data from the searches we all perform on a daily basis via search engines. All of this data consolidated can identify what is on peoples minds. The trends. How effective propaganda is and how people are responding to it. The technology age is a great thing, but when used by evil it could have dire and manipulative consequences.

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Largest transgender survey ever in U.S. reveals high rates of sexual assault, suicide, HIV, prostitution

A gay rights organization recently published the largest survey of transgender people ever attempted in the United States.

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