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Our Evacuation Experience During The Northern California Wildfires

Cascade Fire Northern California Wildfires

Governor Jerry Brown: ‘We haven’t seen anything like this in Northern California’ speaking on the 2017 wildfires.

On October 9th at 2AM in the morning we received a call from our neighbor and friend, she told us there was a fire in our foothill community and she could see the fire from her home.

My first reaction was to go outside and see how close the fire was to our home. As I opened the front door and walked out the air was filled with smoke, far more smoke than I had ever seen during a fire. Thankfully, I could not see any light or glow in the sky from the fire, that told me it was a fair distance away.

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Trump Says He’ll Declare The Us Opioid Crisis A National Emergency ‘Next Week’

WEB Notes: So many national and state emergencies in such a short period of time. Those certainly do not sound like blessings do they….

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California Legally Recognizes Third Gender Option

WEB Notes: Do you see how rapidly our world is being turned upside down? Unfortunately, the state of California always leads the way in our nation. There is no common sense or general thought here, only about their agenda. Where is the option for space alien or goat? If we are going to go crazy here, let’s go all the way.

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Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls, Allow Them to Earn Eagle Scout Rank

WEB Notes: Last year the Boy Scouts made news when they decided to allow homosexual scout leaders. Now girls can join the Boy Scouts. Gender blender gone wild…

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US Judge: ‘Abortions Based On Race, Gender Or Disability Are Ok’

WEB Notes: Are okay with who? Okay with our Father? Not a chance.

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UK: Now Schools Are Ditching AD And BC In RE Lessons

WEB Notes: Did you know the term B.C. (Before Christ) is soooo offensive they have to remove it from the UK school system? Yeah, this is news to me as well. It is a nice gesture to have concern for others. It is quite another thing to take it to the level of buffoonery…

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Sex Change Regret: Gender Reversal Surgery Is On The Rise, So Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

WEB Notes: You may recall the National Geographic cover of a trans nine year old boy. A nine year old boy who is now a girl. If memory serves correct we had some pro-trans commenters on this one. Hopefully they are reading this article or ones like it. This is why you do not allow a child to change their sex. One it is an act against nature itself and two people who do it are un-happy people though they may not admit it. They are confused about their position and role in life…

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Trump Will Fuel War Across World by Increasing U.S. Global Arms Sales

WEB Notes: The US has been the largest exporter of arms for some time, yes even during the days of Obama. Trump is simply escalating this. Does anyone think selling arms abroad will really spread peace?

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U.S.: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surge To Record High

WEB Notes: Nearly one year ago we posted an article titled, “STDs Surge To 20-Year High“.

Today, the United States has record high rates. I wonder why…

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Satanic Fashion Show Hosted At 1,000 Year Old Christian Church In London

WEB Notes: So how on earth did a devil show end up in a 1,000 year old Christian church?…

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At The UN, Israel Sets Red Lines For Iran

WEB Notes: Another red line? Bibi should bring out his bomb board again with the red line on it. Talk about a comedy show. All Bibi is doing is waiting for the United States to respond for him. Israel will not take the lead on any of this. Why? They do not have the ability to fight Iran without the help of the US. I hope you realize the United States provides Israel with $3 billon dollars in aid every single year. They need that assistance from the US or they would cease to exist. What else did Bibi have to say and what does the Bible say?…

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U.S. Coalition Forces Bombarded Raqqa, Syria Every Eight Minutes in August

WEB Notes: The United States dropped 5,775 bombs on one city in Syria during the month of August. That is war, there is no debating that. Yet, how many Americans know or even care that hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are being killed, injured and losing their homes and livelihoods?…

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