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EU Official: We’ll Force Members To Accept Refugees

WEB Notes: Force the nations against their will. They should have thought about that before they signed up for the EU. It is obvious the West is the cause of the catastrophe in the middle east and that is the obvious cause of the people fleeing that location. This is a self created crisis and this guy is going to force the nations, the citizens of those nations to accept even more refugees. This is all by design to destroy the rest of the West while destroying the middle east at the same time. This is setting the stage for the new world order government. You can read more about this in our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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No Other Choice: Greek Employees Agree to Get Paid With Coupons

WEB Notes: No, the Greece crisis never went away, the mainstream media just has us all focused on terrorism and trump sideshow antics and wire tapping stories. Getting paid in coupons, this sounds like the days of the ol coal miners. Something else I want to point out. The alternative media was running headlines a year or two back about some “pastors prophecy” that when the Greece crisis happened the end was about to transpire. Well here we are a few years down the road now and hey, we are still in the flesh. I saw another article headline the other day blabbering on about the same sort of thing. I have to ask. Is it that difficult to open your Father’s Letter and read it to see what He said? I guarantee you His Word’s never fail, unlike men’s.

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North Korea Missile Test “Explodes Within Seconds” of Launch as Tensions Simmer

WEB Notes: At first the headlines were reading that North Korea had their missile aimed at Japan and that it exploded within seconds of launch. So common sense kicked in and they scrubbed that headline. Obviously, there would be no way to tell who the missile was aimed at if it blew up within seconds of launch. Oh leave it up to the mainstream media to hype an event. We have said it before and let’s go ahead and say it again. The North Koreans are no threat, they cannot even get a missile off of the ground. But the mainstream would have you believe they are going to nuke the US or EMP was a big headline a few years ago. Hey whatever sounds good and gets the people excited for war. When in reality these guys are about as harmful as a toothless puppy.

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Payless To File Bankruptcy As They Plan to Close 500-1000 Stores

WEB Notes: The Federal Reserve told us a week ago the markets have improved so much they are going to continue to raise interest rates. Of course it is these no to low rates that keep the economy going to begin with. Without those, interest on loans will increase for many people and businesses. So within that week we have Sears telling us they have doubt about the economic viability of their operations and Payless is going to file for bankruptcy closing anywhere from 500 to 1000 stores. So much for the “health” of the economy.

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Sears Warns of ‘Substantial Doubt’ About Company’s Future

Sears Holdings Corp. acknowledged “substantial doubt” about its ability to keep operating, raising fresh concerns about a company that has lost more than $10 billion in recent years.

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As Damascus Weakens Assad Wants To Negotiate New Syrian Constitution

Damascus Syria on Globe

WEB Notes: This article proves a couple different things for you. One, it documents how weak the Syrian government has become. You do not go to the negotiating table as the ruling power unless your power is shrinking and you are concerned you will lose control. Two, it documents there is no “rebel” grass roots movement for governmental change. Assad has tried negotiating several times now with the “opposition forces”. Yet, no one ever meets him, as there is no leader of the movement. It is simply a proxy army of Global Powers that is being used to de-throne Assad. They are not concerned with negotiations unless it is to negotiate his removal from power so they can insert a globalist into his position. Read Assad’s quotes below, I think he has this figured out, but does not want to say it in that plain of terms.

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Moscow and Beijing join forces to bypass US dollar in world money market

WEB Notes: They have been working on this for years. This is what the BRICS was all about, this is just another level of it. Notice the “Central Bank of Russia,” this would be a globalist bank, just as China’s. They are not doing anything the children of Satan do not want them to do.

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Scandinavian Experts Urge The Use of Child Sex Dolls To Stop Pedophiles

WEB Notes: The level of perversion is growing rapidly by the day, one precedent is broken by the next. Child sex dolls is an absolute abomination and will only encourage this filth. Who even thinks of this trash? Christ told us the end of this age of flesh would be like the days of Lot and in Genesis 19 we see both the old and young males of Sodom knock on Lot’s door looking for a homosexual encounter with the Angels who came to visit him (Luke 17:28-30).

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‘After School Satan Club’ Received Fast-Tracked Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

WEB Notes: Your tax dollars fund murder in foreign lands, murder of the unborn in your own land and now they will fund the promotion of our Father’s arch enemy, Satan. Do you think your Father is going to bless this nation? When we as a nation reject God at every corner, do you really expect Him to bless your nation? I think everyone needs to take off their blinders and open up their dusty Bibles and read Deuteronomy 28, the blessings and cursings as a nation chapter.

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Venezuela Seizes Bakeries Amid Bread Shortage

WEB Notes: Venezuela is in a real bad state of affairs and the government overreach is hitting new levels. Hopefully Americans are paying attention and yes this can happen in your nation. It is already happening on many different levels. Christian bakers are loosing their livelihood because of government intervention and people are loosing their right to freedom and privacy due to government intervention. It is and has been going on for sometime. The only question is have you finally opened your eyes to it?

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Mother and son are becoming father and daughter – Video

WEB Notes: Confusion abounds in these last days. Yet it is embraced by the world.

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Federal Judge: FBI Can Spy On Journalists Without Warrant

Federal Bureau of Investigation

WEB Notes: This so called “judge” should be tarred and feathered. He is approving and condoning a crime. It is a crime to “spy” on someone and search them, their records, home and data without a warrant. (Fourth Amendment)

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