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Trump On Afghanistan: ‘We Are Not Nation Building Again; We Are Killing Terrorists’

Donald Trump Pointing

WEB Notes: You know I am really glad Trump cleared this up for me when he said, ‘We Are Not Nation Building Again; We Are Killing Terrorists‘. You know there for 15 years I thought we were nation building. I mean we have been killing terrorists for years and years and they just keep coming back. They are like those worms you can cut in half. “Kill” one and then you have two. What else can the US do, but send more and more of our men and woman off to die and kill more people in other nations? Are you disgusted yet? You should be. You have been had by a con man

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‘Statistical Crisis’: Millennials Are Fleeing Faith — But Is There A Fix?

Empty Church Pews

WEB Notes: You can help the younger generations understand Christ, by being truthful and furthering your own walk with our Father. Telling the young people the world is 6,000 years old and they are going to burn for drinking a beer once in a while is just not going to get it done…

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CNN: Statues Of Washington, Jefferson, And Robert E. Lee ‘All Need To Come Down’

George Washington Statue On Horse

George Washington Statue – WikiCommons

WEB Notes: Everyone has a script and a part in what is going on. The brainwashing has kicked into overdrive. The crybabies and those causing the division are the ones talking about racism and removing our historical icons. Did these clowns seriously forget we just had a black President for 8 years? Did they forget how over 50-60% of whites voted for Obama?…

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Missouri State Senator Posts on Facebook Her Hopes for Trump Assassination, Deletes, Apologizes: ‘I’m Not Resigning’

WEB Notes: This is a fool. Yes, there have been many of them making public appearances lately. Call it for what it is. This woman disgraced herself and the office she holds. Why on earth would you wish for someone to be murdered?

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CyberWar Unfolds: Facebook, Twitter, Apple Pay, Paypal Cut Off Sites Linked To White Supremacists

WEB Notes: Here we go folks, silencing free speech. Many people would say, ‘hey they are racists we do not want to hear that’. Free speech is free speech. If you do not want to listen to a fool walk away or close your browser window. It is that simple. Banning speech you do not like is not the answer, it closes the door to other thoughts and silences our mind and moves us in a direction of defined thought. One day they will ban Christian’s who call Satan the anti-Christ. Those banned Christians will be right in their condemnation, but the world will not realize it. This is all a stepping stone for that event. Stay alert and awake, we have some time yet, but these are examples for us of what many of us will face during that time…

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This Video Makes Me Sick: Confederate Statue Destroyed In North Carolina During Protest

Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC

Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC | Credit: Daily Wire

WEB Notes:  What you will see in this video is the product of our nations education system. The product of our Father being removed from the nation by the people and a complete lack of respect for property. These are not the acts of red blooded Americans, but red blooded fools. Always steer clear of fools, much less a crowd full of them…

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ESPN’s Kornheiser: Why Play the National Anthem at Sporting Events?

WEB Notes: Who cares, this is just some sports announcer right? Wrong. From every angle for the last couple of years we are bombarded with this anti-American rhetoric. From football players sitting out to our national heritage being ripped out from under us. These are not accidents or coincidences. These are all planned and coordinated by the children of Satan who use their useful idiots to fulfill their said agenda’s. Tough to swallow? It should not be if you are wise enough to know about Satan’s kids. They place their own in places of influence, TV is a great example… Think about it…

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US Government Demands 1.3M IP Addresses Related To Trump Resistance Site

WEB Notes: Obama did something like this as well, remember the dreaded government lists? Well now Trump is trying to create his own. Surprise, surprise.

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MSNBC’s Brian Williams: ‘Our Job’ Is To ‘Scare People To Death’ Over North Korea

WEB Notes: This is not the first time the media has made this type of statement. You will recall a MSNBC host recently saying, it is ‘our job to control exactly what people think’. We know the media is owned by a handful of people and they certainly work together to convey the same message in order to control and condition your mind. Of course we know the North Korean situation is being hyped and to a degree I feel it is a distraction…

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War Of Words: ‘Military Option’ On The Table For Venezuela Says Trump

Battleship USS IOWA BB-61

Battleship USS IOWA BB-61

WEB Notes: Are you starting to see a trend here? Threats of war with nations not inline with globalism. I will repeat it over and over again until it starts to sink in. Notice what Trump said, “the people (Venezuelans) are suffering, and they’re dying. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option“. First off, their affairs are not our concern, that is Constitutional. Second, I want you to think real hard for me… Who else said something like that before? Why it was George Soros, the globalist who funded Obama, the same globalist who came up with the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine, the same doctrine Obama followed and the same doctrine Trump is following today…

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MIT Rocket Experts: ‘North Korean Missile Claims Are A Hoax’

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me the US government has been lying to us all? No… Yes! Have you already forgotten all the failed North Korean missile launches? Have you forgotten about their bent missiles? No nation will launch a nuclear weapon if they are not certain that it will be successful. Can you be deceived so easily? Ask yourself why Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are always painted in the colors of the enemy…

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Flashback: US Defense Sec. Rumsfeld Company Sold Nuclear Weapon Equipment to North Korea

WEB Notes: Of course, the US is always caught selling weapons and funding terrorism. This is nothing new, it has been going on for years and years. Give the guy a gun and then shot him for having a gun. Where do you think the movies got the idea from?

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