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Girl Guides Told: ‘Don’t Thank God Before Meals’ 

WEB Notes: Pray to our Father anyway or leave the organization. I could not care less if someone is offending by me praying. That is an absurd notion. Stop conforming because someone tells you too. If you do not pray to our Father and thank Him for your meal, you may not offend the person sitting next to you, but you will offend Him. Be-careful with that decision and on another note, you do not have to pray out-loud for our Father to hear you. He is a heart knower, meaning He knows what you are thinking (Acts 15:8).

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Robots Could Replace Nearly A Third Of The U.S. Workforce By 2030

WEB Notes: Of course, we are in uncharted territory. Never before has mankind lived in a time when machines could do their work to such a high degree.

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America Sold Nearly $42B In Weapons To Foreign Countries In 2017

WEB Notes: This accounts for a 20% increase in sales year over year. Helping to destroy the world, one missile at a time and I ask you… Who is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and war? Iran? Give me a break, they could not engineer themselves out of a box.

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Texas State University Student Newspaper on White People: ‘Your DNA Is an Abomination’

WEB Notes: Can you imagine if a Caucasian spoke this way? I find this extremely disturbing and offensive, why is such “hate speech” allowed? Why is he not kicked out of this university for his “hate speech”? This big ol cry baby is upset with Caucasians for building the greatest nation that ever existed on the face of the earth. If he hates this nation and the people who founded it so deeply maybe he should find another nation to call home… After-all I would not go to another nation and berate its founding people. I would be a humble guest even if I did not care for the people. So much for common sense.

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New Missile Test Shows North Korea Capable Of Hitting All Of US Mainland

WEB Notes: Sure it can Kimmie, sure it can. Earlier this year these guys could not get a missile off the ground, then their missiles were bent. Fast forward a few months and now the backwards nation can deliver a nuclear missile via ICBM to the US with a bow on it just in time for Christmas! It gets better and better all the time. For those who have forgotten, there is one nation and one nation alone who has ever used a nuclear bomb and it was the US. Of course the fear mongers would have you believe everyone wants to blow up the US with a nuclear tipped missile…

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US, Canada To Hold Global Meeting After North Korean Missile Launch

WEB Notes: Everyone has their version of “rhetoric”. Months ago I believe it was Rex who told us the time for talk was over. More and more we see the global community working together, yet there are still fractures within the current global structure which is why it will fail.

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Goldman Warns Highest Valuations Since 1900 Mean Pain Is Coming

WEB Notes: A crash will occur at some point in time, the market “works” (manipulated) in cycles. Over and over again, up and down, up and down. It would seem likely the next crash will coincide with the escalation of the sixth kingdom that we discussed in The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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Amid Sex Scandals, Hollywood Releases Gay ‘Romance’ That Normalizes Man-Boy Sex

WEB Notes: It really was only a few years ago now, when the US Supreme Court “acknowledged” homosexual marriage in the land. We said then, pedophilla would be next and here it comes. We have all read the Salon articles during that time period which promote it as well, but now here it is on the big screen…

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Saudi-Led ‘Arab NATO’ Declares Total War On Terrorism; Iran, Iraq & Syria Not Invited

WEB Notes: You remember the glowing orb ceremony which kicked off the new “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology” right? 41 nations are making up this new “Arab-NATO” which have vowed to ‘wipe terrorists from the face of the earth‘. Just last week the new Saudi Crown Price called Iran’s Supreme Leader “the new Hitler of the Middle East”...

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26,000 U.S. Troops Total In Iraq, Afghanistan And Syria, DOD Reports

The U.S. has almost 26,000 troops deployed total in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, according to a new DOD report, far exceeding the Pentagon’s previously acknowledged troop levels overseas.

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Church Of Sweden To Stop Clergy Calling God ‘He’ Or ‘The Lord’ In Bid To Crack Down On Gendered Language

WEB Notes: If I said the people have lost their mind it would be cliche at this point. This is coming from a so called “House of God”. Do you see how rapidly this is all coming to pass?

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Pentagon Likely To Announce Us Has 2,000 Troops In Syria, Not 500 – Officials

WEB Notes: Which means they have even more than 2,000 in Syria. Remember sometime ago the US said the goal was boots on the ground. We all knew it was coming and it has been a fact for years. The same goes with the US dropping bombs on Syria. Little by little through incrementalism the globalists fulfill their agenda. This is all leading up to the new global order, the fulfillment of the sixth kingdom.

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