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Former Teacher Has Certificates Suspended for Speaking Against Sin of Homosexuality on Facebook

WEB Notes: Should your personal comments outside of your work environment count against you? Of course not. However, they do today. This is a continuing trend and interesting timing considering a discussion I just had with a friend. Christ told us…

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Interview With God – Video

Reader Question: What Do We Do With This Information?

We received an email from a reader and we have decided to post the question as other people may have a similar question or concern.

“We are going into captivity! We are not to fight it as Zedekiah did. Just curious, what are you suggesting we are to do with this information during this point in time?”

This question was with respect to an article we posted titled, “Welcome Aboard, But First US Marshals Will Scan Your Retina”.

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January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit

Jaffa Gate Wall Israel

Jaffa Gate Wall, Israel

By: Brandon T. Ward

Much fear and hype is being placed around a Peace Summit that will take place on January 15th. This summit will feature 70 nations from around the globe who will meet in Paris, France to discuss the issue of a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. This certainly is not an unprecedented event, these so-called meetings of peace have been taking place for years now and as Christians we understand there will be no peace until our Lord and Savior returns (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2016

Santorini Akrotiri Lighthouse

By: Brandon T. Ward

In last years “Signs and Seasons” study we discussed how rapidly the events in our world are unfolding. How the events of our world continue to escalate year after year setting a new precedent with each passing day. With each passing precedent, it makes it that much easier to accomplish the next, which means a much bigger acceleration in prophecy.

We also discussed how we all need to relax and let God’s Word come to pass. How we need to be patient and not rush the Word. I extend that message for this year’s study and add to watch and protect yourself against the deception of our time.

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Open Floor: Discussion Around Our Comment Platform

Comment Bubble Square

We have received some feedback from readers concerned with our commenting platform. The concerns were around the privacy it offers and/or ease of use. The concerns have been few, but it made us think. If these people are reaching out to us about it, how many other readers have the same concerns and are not speaking up?

So we want to open up the floor for discussion concerning our comment platform. If you like it, please let us know and tell us why. If you do not like it, please share that information as well and explain why you do not like it. Maybe there are some simple things we can do to make it better.

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“Populism” Rises In The U.S., China, Brazil, Mexico and Britain, Or Does It?

Global Populism

Remember the global financial crash of 2007-2008?

Suddenly, the entire world collapsed upon itself, all at the same time. Suddenly the answer from all the nations drowning in debt was to create “bailouts” and print more fiat currency to revive it from financial death, all at the same time. How exactly did the nations instantly come up with the same conclusion unless it was already a planned event and outcome?

Do you notice a theme here?

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The UN Resolution Against Israel and the Truth of the Nation

Dome of the Rock – FlickrCC License

By: Brandon T. Ward

Israel has temporarily suspended “working” ties with the 12 nations who voted in favor of a resolution condemning Israel for building on Palestinian land. Of course this “suspension” really has no bite, just as the United Nations Resolution has no bite.

However, what many do not realize is Israel continually has no regard for their neighbors. Israel has demolished thousands of Palestinian homes and other settlements in order to clear the land so Israel can build settlements on land that is not theirs. This illegal and devastating action by Israel was recently at a five year high and many do not realize that Israel has an economic blockade against Gaza that has been in effect since 2007. The truth be told this aggression by Israel has been taking place since the onset of World War II.

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The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box

United States Capital Building

By: Brandon T. Ward

The United States of America. Once blessed, once great. Have you ever asked yourself why this nation was once blessed? Why and how did this nation become the greatest nation on the face of the earth? It was because we put our Father first, He was not only a part of our lives, He was a part of the nation itself. For decades we have allowed officials and presidents into power that do not know our Father. We have embraced church leaders who do not know God, instead, they lean on their own understanding (Jeremiah 17:5, Proverbs 3:5). “We The People”, as a whole, as a nation have lost our way. We have lost sight of the fact that it was God, our Father in Heaven who blessed this nation and made it great, not us or those we allowed to enter into office.

This year like so many times before we are faced with a presidential race “that is the most important in history”. There are only two candidates, both of which were forced on us by the children of Satan and their mainstream media. Donald Trump the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate. Nearly 90% of you did not want either of them to be your president to begin with. Yet here we are, days away from the election and all the people can say is vote for Trump or Clinton.

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‘S-300, S-400 air defenses in place’: Russian MoD warns US-led coalition not to strike Syrian army

WEB Notes: The media of all shapes and sizes is hyping war propaganda between Russia and the US again. Use your own mind to analyze the events of today. Russia and the US have been coordinating in Syria for a couple years now. This is how they have not crashed their planes into one another and they are destroying the same infrastructure in Syria. Russia’s S-300 and S-400 missile systems have been in Syria. They were in Syria just two weeks ago when the US struck Assad’s forces causing a fair amount of casualties and destruction. Steer clear of the fear and hype which is meant to throw off rational thinking and place you into sheep mode which is the herd mentality.

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3 Things To Prepare For No Matter Which Candidate Wins the Election

WEB Notes: The author covered Civil Unrest, Economic Crisis and World War 3. There will certainly be more civil unrest in this nation. We continue to see it escalate with each police shooting which also divides the people among racial barriers. We will see more economic troubles as well, nothing was repaired in 2008. It was simply a kick the can down the road moment, a ploy designed for the final economic collapse of the world. This will in fact help to serve as a catalyst to unite the world along with many other factors including the “war on terror” that we have been witnessing for years now. Finally, world war. I do not believe we will see another world war. Why? The most powerful nations on the face of the earth are already controlled by the children of Satan. There is no need for another world war at this point. One may be started to serve the final consolidation of powers, but it will not escalate very far if at all. Even if world war broke out that should not startle you in the least. Remember what our Father did for the Israelites in Egypt during The Ten Plagues of Egypt

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Obama Nominates First Ambassador to Cuba in Over 50 Years

WEB Notes: A lot of history has been made this last week. We saw the FARC rebels in Columbia and their government finally agree to peace after more than 50 years of war. Now we have more peace between the US and Columbia.

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