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NASA Has First Close Look at Distant Galaxy From Dawn of the Universe

Astronomers have seen the most distant galaxy ever as more than just a red dot. NASA’s Hubble Telescope has captured a picture of the young SPT0615-JD galaxy, which existed more than 13 billion years ago.

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Full Wolf Moon: New Year’s Supermoon Is the Biggest of the Year

New Year’s Day is a time for resolutions and hangovers, but this year, it also provides a chance to see the moon in all its glory.

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Google And NASA To Reveal Mysterious New Space Finds

NASA will be hosting a somewhat unusual press conference on Thursday to announce the latest find from its planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler has found many hundreds of planets beyond our solar system over the years, but this week’s announcement will be different because Google will be sharing in the science spotlight.

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NASA Fires Voyager 1 Thrusters After Decades-Long Sleep

Way out in interstellar space, humanity’s most distant messenger wanders through the universe. NASA’s Voyager 1 launched way back in 1977, but it’s still in touch with Earth. To help keep it in contact, NASA scientists just fired up a set of thrusters that have been dormant for 37 long years.

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Flat Earth Movement: Controversial Conspiracy Theory Is Booming In The U.S.

WEB Notes: I have been curious why we have received so many Bible Q&As and comments on the so called “flat earth”. Apparently there is a revival with this “theory”…

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Asteroid Expected To Make Closest Pass By Earth In Over 40 Years

WEB Notes: It will pass within 27 times the distance of the earth to the moon. In other words, it is far away. People are always looking for some event of doom. The world is here to stay until our Father is ready to restore it.

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‘Alien’ Asteroid Spotted Dive-Bombing Our Solar System 

Russia has been hit by a wave of reports of a giant UFO in the sky last night with spectacular pictures of an enormous glowing ball illuminating northern Siberia.
Social media erupted with claims of ‘aliens arriving’ and locals in far flung parts of the country told of ‘shivers down their spines’.

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Galaxies Take Wobbly Path Around Clusters, Surprising Scientists

A deep-sky survey by the Hubble Space Telescope gathered observations of distant galaxy clusters, in which as many as thousands of individual galaxies orbit a common center. Among 10 of those clusters, researchers found that the very brightest galaxies wobbled in their movements around the cluster center, when they should have been steady.

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The Universe Shouldn’t Exist, Scientists Say After Finding Bizarre Behaviour Of Anti-Matter

WEB Notes: Remember articles like this the next time someone says scientists believe we evolved from apes. Some scientists do, some do not. There is much to learn about our universe, things man will probably never figure out. Learn about science, but ensure it lines up with the Word. Listening to an atheist scientist is like listening to an atheist preacher. They both are going to mix you all up.

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Video Capture Huge Meteor In Night Sky Over China

The fireball traveled the skies for a few seconds before exploding, but it was enough for residents of Shangri-La City to capture the mesmerizing display on video. China’s social networks were inundated with clips of the fireball zooming through the clouds.

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Astronauts To Flat-Earther B.o.B: We’ve Seen The Curve

WEB Notes: We have had some Bible Q&As on this subject as well, you can find them here:

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Cassini Dives Into Saturn Today: Here’s When and How to Watch

Today (Sept. 15), NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will dive into Saturn’s atmosphere and disintegrate. You can watch the action live right here on, starting at 4:00 a.m. PDT (7 a.m. EDT).

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