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The World Is Descending Into Tyranny

WEB Notes: We are not so different in this nation. We as a people elected a President we did not want to begin with. Further, we never had a real choice to begin with. We discussed this subject in depth in an article titled, “The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box“.

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TSA Denies Accessing Data On Electronic Devices Carried By Domestic Airline Passengers

WEB Notes: The facts are simple. You data is being scanned, logged and collected on a daily basis. That is just a fact of life whether it is the TSA or some other entity. We all recall the NSA spy program… In recent weeks it has been Google, Facebook and now the TSA.

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Israel Blocks $10Bn Owed To Palestinian Workers

WEB Notes: Imagine if a foreign nation blocked your paycheck. How would that make you feel? Imagine if you did your part, you worked, yet you watched your family starve because your right to your money was removed. What steps would you take to get what is rightfully owed to you?

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Gallup: 61% of College Students Says Campus Climate Deters Conservative Speech

WEB Notes: Do you see how we are being conditioned as a people? Speech is speech. If you do not like someone’s speech then simply walk away, period. As for these students, I certainly would not spend my money on any institution who did not grant me these rights. Otherwise, you are simply feeding the beast so to speak.

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Questions For TSA After Reports Of Laptop And Phone Searches On Domestic Flights

WEB Notes: When was the last time you read a news headline that said, “Americans given more rights!” Probably never. We are constantly bombarded with reasons why we should give up our rights, but never bombarded with reasons why we should preserve them…

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US Sets New Record For Censoring, Withholding Gov’t Files

WEB Notes: So where are all the conservatives? Why are they not up in arms. Surely it is not because we have a “Republican” President in office?

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Florida Gun Control Bill Signed – NRA Files Lawsuit

This afternoon, Governor Rick Scott signed SB-7026 (touted in the media as Florida’s “gun control” bill) into law, violating the Second Amendment rights of persons between the ages of 18-21.

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Rwanda: Six Pastors Arrested Following Shutdown Of 700 Churches

WEB Notes: The churches have been closed by the government due to health issues for the most part. Now did 700 churches all violate health standards at the sametime? I doubt it. I think more than likely these people are facing persecution for being a follower of Christ. How about we all say a prayer for these gentlemen and the flocks they are tending.

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TSA Expands Body Scanner Searches to NYC, L.A. Train Stations

WEB Notes: You know what is even more disturbing than this article? A population who does not mind.

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‘Maybe We’ll Give That A Shot’: Donald Trump Praises Xi Jinping’s Power Grab

WEB Notes: Just last week we said there must be something wrong with this guy after he made the statement to take firearms from people without due process, now this. I do not care if it was “just a joke”. Listen to the audio clip below. It is quite obvious Trump likes the communist. There is no room for a communist or socialist in our form of government. More and more it leaks out what kind of man really sits in the Oval Office.

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Trump: ‘Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second’

WEB Notes: The Commander in Chief or the Communist in Chief? Now just might be a good time for you to review the article we wrote before the elections titled, “The Destruction of Our Nation and the Ballot Box“. Not only was Trump in complete favor of taking your firearms outside of your rights, but he also shot down the long-awaited Concealed Carry Reciprocity which would allow for Concealed Carry permit holders to carry throughout the country…

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California Communists Seek Private And Homeschool Oversight

WEB Notes: Remember the article about people leaving California? Yes, it is tied to this and so many other outrageous policies. It makes ones head spin! Due to a couple wack job parents who mistreated and imprisoned their 13 children, the California Commies now want to regulate all private and homeschoolers under the guise of “fire protection”…

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