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House Passes Bill Allowing Concealed Carry Across State Lines

WEB Notes: If this passes the Senate and is signed by the President it will be a great victory for concealed carry owners.

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Feds Issue 4,000 Orders To Seize Guns After Failed Background Checks

WEB Notes: The government giveth, the government taketh away. I think that is a line from God’s Word (Job 1:21)…

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National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Passes, Next Stop House Floor

WEB Notes: This would be a big win for those who “legally” carry concealed weapons. Today, other states may not “recognize” or accept your states concealed carry permit as valid in their state. This means you cannot carry your firearm on your person in those states or it is considered a crime. This can be aggravating when traveling, hopefully this passes.

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U.K. Begins Another Gun Surrender Initiative Amid Increase in Gun Crime

WEB Notes: Remember, the criminals will not follow whatever law is enacted by a government, that is why we like to call them “criminals”. Related video: “Gun Control: Warning From The UK“.

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Gun Groups Slam NFL’s San Francisco 49ers for Half Million Dollar Gun-Control Donation

WEB Notes: You are a football team, play football and mind your own business. You folks are losing billions over foolish on the field kneeling. Fix your own problems already.

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Folsom School Staff Can’t Have Guns On Campus Due To New California Law

WEB Notes: Let’s just remove the last few pieces of common sense in this once great state. In the last couple weeks the state is now a sanctuary state, believes in a third gender oh and let’s not forget the new gas taxes and registration increases going into effect next month! It sounds like a nightmare does it not?

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Hollywood Homicide: 108 Automatic Weapons Blaze Away in Four Top Movies

Last week Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 Las Vegas concert-goers using automatic weapons. Reportedly aided by “bump stocks” that made his semi-automatic rifles into automatic weapons, his killing spree was the worst in U.S. history.

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Bump Stocks: Congress Considering Legislation To Ban The Gun Attachment Las Vegas Shooter Used

WEB Notes: There will always be something to ban when it comes to firearms, it is how they control the people. They will make up whatever lie they need too. They will take advantage of whatever shooting takes place, if it is legitimate or not. This is about removing your freedoms…

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Gun Control? The Las Vegas Death Toll Happens Every Month In Chicago

The murder toll in Las Vegas on Sunday makes it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Know what they call that in Chicago? June.

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Australia Collects Nearly 30,000 Guns in Second Gun Amnesty

WEB Notes: Why you would be willingly to turn in your firearms is beyond me. Only a brain washed fool would give up his right to protect his family and himself.

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Mainstream Media: Las Vegas Gunman “Amassed Firearms”

WEB Notes: Look at the first article below. “He secretly amassed a massive arsenal of 42 firearms”.

Seriously? Secretly amassed firearms?

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CBS Executive Fired For Saying, “I’m Actually Not Even Sympathetic Bc Country Music Fans Often Are Republican Gun Toters.”

WEB Notes: What a poor excuse for a human being. I can tell you people like this have never lived in a bad neighborhood. They have never been close to a crime and cannot even place their frame of mind there…

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