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Israel Discovers 500,000-Year-Old Archaeological Site

WEB Notes: While it is certainly believable that remnants of man could exist this far back, man would have been in their spiritual bodies at this point in time. This would have been during The First Earth Age. Unfortunately, every article I found on this subject shows some rocks as proof of their find, though the articles claim they “found hundreds of thousands of artifacts on the site”. If they found that many artifacts where are they? I have rocks just like on our property only ours are a bit more red in color.

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9.7 Million Year Old Ape Teeth Puzzle Scientists, Challenge Timeline Of Human Species 

WEB Notes: You know, these evolutionists are always coming up with some hangup with their theory. Science is a good thing, sound science that is. Just because a man with a degree tells you that you evolved from an ape does not mean it is true…

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Six Million-Year-Old Human Footprint Discovered in Crete Raises Major Questions About Our Evolution

WEB Notes: The first photo is not that convincing, but the second and third set had a good shot. This would crush much of the evolutionist ideals, but I am sure they will keep on trucking anyway…

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This Is the Best Dinosaur Fossil of Its Kind Ever Found

Best Dinosaur Fossil Ever Found Canada

WEB Notes: Some are going to say, well the world is only 6,000 years old so this cannot be. Well, world, there it is, what are you going to do about it? Many will claim the dating used is not accurate and I am sure there are some flaws. However, just apply common sense for a moment. This was found deep underground and displays characteristics of a much different earth. How did it become buried, what caused that? What happened to that earth age? Something happened to the earth long ago and it was much farther back in time than 6,000 years ago. When God created this earth age, the age of flesh we find ourselves in there were seven days of creation. That equals 7,000 years alone. Then from the time of Adam until now roughly 6,000 years have gone by. So at a bare minimum the earth is 13,000 years old. Christians should be able to do math and come up with this conclusion on their own. But common sense is void in our time. Learn what happened in The First Earth Age from your Father’s Letter.

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Babylonians used astronomy techniques 1,500yrs ahead of Europeans

WEB Notes: The truth is the heavens have been used by man since the beginning of this age of flesh. Are you aware the Constellations are mentioned in our Father’s Letter? Job 9:9 is one example. Before we had the written Word, the Bible if you will was handed down from generation to generation through the stars. Our Father’s Word declares this. Please turn your Bible with me to,..

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