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Trump Says US to Quit Iran Deal if Significant Changes Not Made

US President Donald Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States would pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal if his demands to make “significant” changes to the agreement were not met, US media reported, citing officials.

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Iran Bans Use Of US Dollar In Trade

WEB Notes: The US will not be happy about this, add another nail to Iran’s coffin. The globalists will not care much as they already control most of the currencies in the world, so it will come back around to them probably in the form of the Euro.

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Iran Becomes Latest Rogue State To Develop Its Own Cryptocurrency

WEB Notes: Iran and Venezuela are considered to be “rogue” nations as they do not participate in the global financial system and are not a part of the current global structure. They along with North Korea who fits the same bill are blamed for causing many problems around the globe and they are always the focus of our attention in a negative light…

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Iran Says May Withdraw From Nuclear Deal If Banks Continue To Stay Away

WEB Notes: More evidence that Iran is not a part of the current global structure despite this so-called “nuclear deal”. The deal is, in essence, a figment of our imagination. The children of Satan want the leaders of Iran out and they want to replace them with leaders who will go along with the global agenda.

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Iran: We Will Flatten Tel Aviv If Attacked 

WEB Notes: What else are they supposed to say and/or do? Israeli’s Bibi constantly provokes and threatens Iran. Notice Iran’s comments are always in self-defense, while Israel’s are offensive in nature. Listen to the points the  Iranian FM made yesterday.

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Iran Insists It Has ‘No Military Bases In Syria’

WEB Notes: Listen to the points the Iranian FM makes in the video below.

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‘Iran Poised To Replace ISIS Scross Middle East’

WEB Notes: If this took place in the 90s, he would have said Iran is going to replace Freddy Kruger. Whoever happens to be the boogie man, that is who Iran is compared too. Never mind the fact, Israel kicks the Palestinians off their land and destroys their village and still has a blockade around the Gaza stripe.

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Report: Iran Currency Reaches Record Low Amid Trump Threats

The Iranian rial has reached an unprecedented low against the US dollar reaching 5,000 rials per dollar due to unrest in the country and threats made against its economy by America.

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Israel Launches Heavy Strikes In Syria After F-16 Downed

WEB Notes: The details are in this post. Iran is saying they did not send a drone into Israel. It makes little sense for them to do so, what do they have to gain? Not a whole lot. Regardless, Israel did in fact attack more Syrian and Iranian positions within Syria…

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Israel: Russia Won’t Abide Iran’s Presence In Syria For Long

Housing Minister Yoav Galant, a member of the high-level security cabinet, cautiously predicts Moscow will ultimately seek to uproot the growing Iranian military presence in Syria.

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Regime Change Is Coming In Iran

WEB Notes: Not exactly breaking news. Many of us are well aware this is going to happen and I feel it is documented in our Father’s Word.

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Russia: No US Proof That Iran Supplying Arms To Yemen

WEB Notes: Back and forth we go. The US says yes, Russia says no.

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