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Israel Blocks $10Bn Owed To Palestinian Workers

WEB Notes: Imagine if a foreign nation blocked your paycheck. How would that make you feel? Imagine if you did your part, you worked, yet you watched your family starve because your right to your money was removed. What steps would you take to get what is rightfully owed to you?

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US Commander: ‘US Troops Prepared to Die for Israel’ in War Against Syria, Hezbollah

WEB Notes: I am sure the troops themselves are not so thrilled. This nation should not be involved in other countries affairs, period. There is no justification for it. The United States already gives Israel $3 billion dollars a year in aid and now they need the blood of our children as well? What exactly are we getting in return? Nothing. You shoud understand, there were Twelve Tribes of ancient Israel, not just one called Judah…

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How Trump Could Restart Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks

WEB Notes: The dynamics of our world are changing rapidly, yet there is still many prophecies that must come to pass before we see the Return of Christ and remember… Satan will appear first as the false messiah

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Donald Trump Isn’t the Only President Moving His Nation’s Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem This May

WEB Notes: It is interesting, but not necessary that we are starting to see governments move their Embassy’s to the location where Satan will set up shop on earth as he claims to be the Messiah

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Ancient Christian Writing Saying ‘God Jesus Christ’ To Go On Display To Public For First Time

Roman Era Mosaic God Jesus Christ

Roman Era Mosaic: “The god-loving Akeptous has offered the table to God Jesus Christ as a memorial” – Haaretz

WEB Notes: There is so much proof of Christianity in Israel that it baffles the mind how it can be ignored.

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Israel Is Now Arming Seven Rebel Groups In Syria

WEB Notes: Israel is not alone in this nor are they the biggest player. That belongs to the rest of the Western Powers including the U.S…

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U.S. Senator Graham Returns From Israel: We Must ‘Stop The Iran-Assad Machine’

WEB Notes: Yes, let’s continue the war as it has worked out so well for this nation and those where the war transpires. Will people ever say enough is enough? Probably not.

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U.S. To Move Israel’s Embassy To Jerusalem On May 14

WEB Notes: We were initially told the U.S. Embassy move would take several years to plan and initiate. Then last month, Vice President Mike Pence told us, ‘the Embassy move was now on a faster timetable’. Now we come to find out, the move in part, will take place on May 14th of this year to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel being founded as a nation…

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Christian Leaders Shut Jerusalem’s Church Of Holy Sepulchre In Protest At Israel Imposing Taxes

WEB Notes: Despite what many people are led to believe, Israel is not so pro-Christian as you might think.

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Israel, US To Hold Joint Military Exercise 

Israel and the United States will organise a joint military exercise in southern Israel within the next two week, Channel 10 reported yesterday.

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Israel to seize 5,000 dumans of West Bank land in Tulkarm

WEB Notes: These guys are always stealing land from the Palestinians and they wonder why there is no peace? They know exactly why. You cannot go over to your neighbors house and poke him in the eye and expect a warm welcome from him.

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Netanyahu Says Israel Could Act Against Iran’s ‘Empire’

WEB Notes: Bibi has been telling us he is going to act for more years than I can count. We have been told Iran would have nuclear capability in two months for more years than I can count. Iran is not the boogieman many make it out to be. Do you realize outside of Israel there are more “Jews” in Iran than anywhere else on the planet?

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