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Trump Says He Would Speak With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

WEB Notes: That is good, dialoge is always a good thing. However, they have gone back and forth on this. They told us in the past, the time for talk is over.

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When A North Korean Missile Accidentally Hit A North Korean City

WEB Notes: And you think North Korea has a nuclear weapon much less one they would actually launch at the United States all over words? Trump even admitted yesterday North Korea does not possess nuclear arms that function correctly.

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South Korea Seizes Second Ship Suspected Of Providing Oil To North Korea

WEB Notes: At some point North Korea will have to cave if they have no other means of obtaining oil. This is in fact an act of war against North Korea. They are removing their ability to provide for the nation.

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Kim Jong-Un Says ‘Nuclear Button Is On My Desk’, As He Announces Plan To Mass Produce And Deploy Warheads

WEB Notes: Kim also said, “The US mainland is in our nuclear strike zone.”

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North Korea Says New U.N. Sanctions An Act Of War

WEB Notes: Global Powers are really turning up the heat on North Korea. Economic sanctions of this magnitude are in fact an act of war. If we see North Korea strike out at this point it may very well be due to desperation…

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U.S. Military Practices Strikes on North Korean Nuclear Sites in Biggest Ever Joint Air Drill With South Korea

The United States and South Korean air forces began their largest ever joint drill Monday, carrying out simulated strikes using 230 aircraft over South Korea.

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US Sends F-22s To Join Hundreds Of Fighters For North Korea War Games

WEB Notes: Kim plays with his missiles and the US plays with their military hardware. I think most Americans have been brainwashed to attack North Korea by now, just for the mere fact of the guys hair do. In all seriousness, we continue to see escalations concerning North Korea. There are many war theaters raging in the world today and they all involved nations who are not a part of the globalist agenda (Global Powers).

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Russia Calls U.S. Threat To Destroy North Korea A ‘Bloodthirsty Tirade’

WEB Notes: Of course it is a true statement, but it is simply good cop, bad cop rhetoric just as we have seen in Syria.

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U.S. Warns North Korean Leadership Will Be ‘Utterly Destroyed’ In Case Of War

WEB Notes: Same song, new day. In the meantime the US administration is looking to impose drastic sanctions on North Korea calling all nations to halt trade with the nation.

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Trump Administration to World: Sever All Ties With North Korea

WEB Notes: This is called a trade war and it is very detrimental to a nation just as a standing army would be. Trump also advised major sanctions would be imposed on North Korea (NK) today. Trump even asked that China cut off oil NKs oil supply. We just may have a new escalation in this ongoing saga.

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New Missile Test Shows North Korea Capable Of Hitting All Of US Mainland

WEB Notes: Sure it can Kimmie, sure it can. Earlier this year these guys could not get a missile off the ground, then their missiles were bent. Fast forward a few months and now the backwards nation can deliver a nuclear missile via ICBM to the US with a bow on it just in time for Christmas! It gets better and better all the time. For those who have forgotten, there is one nation and one nation alone who has ever used a nuclear bomb and it was the US. Of course the fear mongers would have you believe everyone wants to blow up the US with a nuclear tipped missile…

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US, Canada To Hold Global Meeting After North Korean Missile Launch

WEB Notes: Everyone has their version of “rhetoric”. Months ago I believe it was Rex who told us the time for talk was over. More and more we see the global community working together, yet there are still fractures within the current global structure which is why it will fail.

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