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Japan Wants To Push A Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean

WEB Notes: This event and others like it have shown that man is not ready to possess nuclear power. When used safely and responsibly it is a great alternative. Yet, with the waste it produces and accidents like this it shows how bad it is for our planet.

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Nuclear Incident Suspected After Radioactive Cloud Over Europe

WEB Notes: Maybe Iran or North Korea did it. In all seriousness, depending on where you live in the US there are things known as “burn days”. If you have a fire outside of the “burn day” you can get your hand slapped. Yet, nuclear poison is not a problem in the UK.

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Company Dumps Radioactive Waste Along The Banks Of The Columbia River In Washington State

London Introduces Vehicle Pollution Levy In New Blow To Diesel

London brought in a new levy on the oldest and most polluting cars entering the city center from Monday, almost doubling how much motorists have to pay in the latest blow to diesel.

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Fukushima Court Rules Tepco, Government Liable Over 2011 Disaster

WEB Notes: $4.4 million? Are we talking about the same disaster here…

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California Considers Following China With Combustion-Engine Car Ban

WEB Notes: It would take a long time before this could ever become a reality, whether you agree with it or not. How is food transported to the stores? Diesel engines.

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Houston Toxic Waste Facilities Flooded

As Dwight Chandler sipped beer and swept out the thick muck caked inside his devastated home, he worried whether Harvey’s floodwaters had also washed in pollution from the old acid pit just a couple blocks away.

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Pope Francis to World Leaders: ‘Listen to the Cry of the Earth’

WEB Notes: There is no doubt mankind has polluted the earth, we recently posted an article about a plastic patch of garbage in the ocean larger than Texas

However, the whole concept of global warming has been proven to be fabricated over and over again. Man can do a lot more to help prevent pollution and be more resourceful, no doubt about that. But do not tell me our trucks are causing the globe to heat up when they fabricated the data. Foolishness.

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First-Ever Water Tax Proposed To Tackle Unsafe Drinking Water In California

WEB Notes: “My message is short and direct” tax payers already pay for these services. We do not need additional taxes. It is not our fault if you cannot implement and maintain a safe drinking water system. You figure it out. If we had unsafe water on our property CPS and the calvary would be knocking on our to cart off our children and who knows what else. But hey, when big brother does it its okay. No problem. All we will do is raise taxes to “fix it”. Why was it broken to begin with. Anyone ever tried to build something on their property? Maybe an add on and have to deal with permits? Yet, these guys admit to having polluted water in our infrastructure and they want to come after the tax payer. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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Humans Have Created 9 Billion Tons Of Plastic In 67 Years

Second Garbage Patch The Size Of Texas Discovered In Pacific Ocean

Scientists on a recent six-month expedition have discovered the presence of a second garbage patch in the South Pacific, and are saying that the plastic vortex could be bigger than the state of Texas.

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Britain To Ban Sale Of All Diesel And Petrol Cars And Vans By 2040

WEB Notes: First it was France, now Britain.

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