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Syrian Army Vow to End US Presence in Syria

WEB Notes: Good luck with that Syria, your death sentence was signed long ago (Isaiah 17:1). As we have documented, it is the United States and other Global Powers who are supporting terrorism around the world. The goal is to divide the nation and remove its leadership in order to replace it with one controlled by Global Powers…

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New 30,000 Strong US-Backed Syria Force: Five Things You Should Know

WEB Notes: Nothing to see here, move along. Same ol US strategy of funding terrorism and once again, the US admits it

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70,000 Syrians Flee As Regime Advances On Last Rebel-Held Province

Tens of thousands of people have fled a government assault on Idlib, Syria’s last rebel-held province, prompting warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe.

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Israel Air Strikes And Missile Barrage Designed To Show It Is Still A Player In Syria As Assad Nears Victory

WEB Notes: In this piece Israel admits to over 100 attacks on the sovereign nation of Syria. Violating a nations sovereignty these days is no longer taboo and perfectly acceptable if a nation is outed as the “bad guy”.

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Car Bombs Rip Through Syria’s Idlib, Killing Dozens

Mattis: ‘The War Is Not Over’ in Iraq and Syria

WEB Notes: The United States has still not removed Assad from power, so in that regard the “war” is not over just yet.

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Syria’s Assad Kills 7 Children In 24 Hours In Idlib

WEB Notes: Sure blame it on Assad, perfect considering yesterday Rex Tillerson said Assad must go. In other news Turkeys Erdogan’s claims that Assad is a terrorist.

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Tillerson Says US Needs to Work With Russia on Syria But Assad Must Go

WEB Notes: The agenda to remove Assad has not changed one bit, no matter what you may be told. The entire reason for the war was to remove Assad. Now his nation has been destroyed. I am sure the globalists are surprised he has lasted this long.

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Putin: Russia to Continue Fight Against Terror, Including in Syria, if Necessary

WEB Notes: No matter what they say, no one is leaving Syria. Russia has a couple military bases and the United States has already said they are leaving troops stationed in Syria, even though everyone says ISIS is defeated in Syria.

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Putin Makes First Visit To Syria, Lauds Victory Over ISIS And Announces Withdrawals

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday made a surprise visit to Russia’s Khmeimim air base in Syria, announcing an imminent drawdown of Russian forces in the wake of his declaration of victory in its intervention in the Syria war.

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Syria Fully Liberated From ISIS Terrorists – Russian MoD

WEB Notes: Yet, the destruction will continue and the US will leave their troops there as well. How about the media bring us some fresh video footage of the cities of Syria so we can see the updated destruction.

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Pentagon To Keep Forces In Syria ‘As Long As We Need’

US forces will stay in Syria indefinitely, a Pentagon spokesman has said. There is no legal justification for the US presence in the county which has endured a deadly six-year conflict and partial occupation by Islamic State.

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