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New 30,000 Strong US-Backed Syria Force: Five Things You Should Know

WEB Notes: Nothing to see here, move along. Same ol US strategy of funding terrorism and once again, the US admits it

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Russia Knows Who Staged Attacks On Syrian Base & It’s Not Turkey – Putin 

WEB Notes: I will give you just one guess… Let us not forget, Putin despite his words has been involved with the blood shed in Syria as well. Speaking of remember when Russia and the U.S. on the same day took opposite sides on the manufactured war in Syria?

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70,000 Syrians Flee As Regime Advances On Last Rebel-Held Province

Tens of thousands of people have fled a government assault on Idlib, Syria’s last rebel-held province, prompting warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe.

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Reveals Real Source of Yemeni Missiles

WEB Notes: Unfortunately, very few will hear this mans words and even less with bother to listen if they do hear. The Global Powers of the world simply want you to know and understand Iran is the enemy and regime change must occur there and of course be replaced one Global Powers accept.

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Car Bombs Rip Through Syria’s Idlib, Killing Dozens

Coalition Blames ‘Technical Glitch’ As Houthi Rebels Claim Downing Of Saudi Jet In Yemen

A Saudi jet has crashed in northern Yemen due to a “technical glitch,” the Riyadh-led coalition says. Houthi rebels, however, claim they downed the aircraft, a media outlet affiliated with the group says. A Saudi-led coalition plane went down in northern Yemen on Sunday.

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Saudi-Led Coalition Says Has Cut Houthi Supply Line

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen killed dozens of Houthi fighters and cut one of their main supply routes on Wednesday, United Arab Emirates state news agency WAM reported.

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Who Are The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Officers Leading Houthis In Yemen?

WEB Notes: Do you see how they continue to build the narrative against Iran? In other news Saudi fighters attacked a restaurant in Yemen.

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U.S. Ignores Terrorists, Pakistan Says, as Ambassador Summoned Over Trump Lies and Deceit Tweet

WEB Notes: In other news the U.S. will withhold financial aid to Pakistan as the U.S. claims they are not doing their share to fight terrorism.

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US Lets Militants Train, Mount Attacks From Its Syrian Bases – Chief Of Russian General Staff

WEB Notes: Of course they do, they are training terrorist proxies.

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Hamas: Iran Has Pledged ‘All Capabilities’ To Help Us Fight Israel

WEB Notes: Iran is no fool. They are not going to engage in a conflict unless they have no other choice. People need to start thinking for themselves here. It is not Iran who shows aggression, but the United States. Iran has never had a ship off our coast or drone in our skies. Yet the United States has done this to Iran constantly and we are told, Iran is the aggressor.

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Pentagon Confirms U.S. Ground Operations In Yemen

WEB Notes: Now the US moves to Yemen to combat, wait for it… ISIS! ISIS has miraculously doubled in size in Yemen, meanwhile ISIS has dried up in destroyed Syria. Does that surprise anyone of our readers? I do not think so.

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