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American’s Have Had Enough, 4 in 5 Want Less Immigration

WEB Notes: We should put up some polls on World Events once in a while and see what the people think… But here you have the subject of immigration and the red-blooded American people want immigration reform! So big brother, giveth already and we do not need a darn wall to have immigration reform.

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Geoengineering: Creating Clouds To Stop Global Warming Could Wreak Havoc On World’s Animals And Plants

WEB Notes: These people have lost their marbles. Leave the earth alone already.  It has been proven that man made climate change is a hoax, it has been proven to be a lie. Further they have and do spray chemicals in the air which is called geoengineering. Fox News reported on it. A U.S. Defense Secretary and Congressman admitted it as well. This is old hat and should be common knowledge to the public…

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Shutdown Over: Congress Reaches Deal To Restart Government Operations

The government is set to fully reopen on Tuesday, after congressional leaders finalized a new budget extension Monday evening.

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State Department Spending $592,500 To ‘Explore Gender Identities Of Boys And Men In Kenya’

WEB Notes: The government who could not afford its bills found a budget for nearly $600,000 to explore gender topics. Boy, what I could have done with $600,000. I wonder how many peoples houses that could have paid off? Think about all the frivolous taxes we have and expenses of the government. If this had to come out of their own pockets, I guarantee you would see a truly balanced budget.

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Bank of America: No More Free Checking for Customers With Low Balances

WEB Notes: I sure hope all our long-time readers recall these type of subjects from the past. We discussed various articles over the years along these lines. We were warned it would happen and now here it begins…

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GOP Lawmakers: FBI Officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Texted About ‘Secret Society’ After Election

WEB Notes: Come on folks, of course there are secret societies out there and within our government. Heck in some places of employment it can seem like there are “secret societies,” them good ol boys clubs.

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Planned Parenthood Taps Into Sex-Change ‘Therapy’ For Minors As New Revenue Source

WEB Notes: Gooooood morning America! Are you ready to get sick? Of course you are! It is Monday morning, the sun has not even risen, the government is shut down and Planned Parenthood who is funded by the same shutdown government is now looking to increase their profit margin…

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U.S. Government Runs Out Of Funding Despite Record Tax Collections

WEB Notes: It is no secret, the United States government is bankrupt and operating on borrowed time. Due to their mismanagement of funding and inability to work together for the American people “non-essential” services have been terminated, for now…

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Trump Signs Bill Renewing Warrantless NSA Surveillance

WEB Notes: The government is shut down as they cannot agree on a budget plan. Yet, the government had no issues re-newing an illegal warrantless NSA surveillance bill designed to spy on the American public. Interesting how that works…

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NSA “Sincerely Regrets” Deleting All Bush-Era Surveillance Data It Was Ordered To Preserve

WEB Notes: When you are a part of the good ol boys club things just always seem to go your way.

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Trump Willing To Support Legal Status For ‘Dreamers’ In Exchange For Border Wall

WEB Notes: This reminds me of Isaiah 3:4. Our leaders do not represent the people, but their own interests. The parties fight back and forth as a bunch of children. They focus on a concept of children who were brought to this nation illegally who are now grown adults and the debate is if they should be deported. This is not the place to start immigration reform…

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State of the Union: Same-Sex Marriage At West Point, US Firms Hire Illegals, Bombs In Florida Mall

WEB Notes: Are Heavenly Father will not bless a nation who lives contrary to His Word, that is just a fact of life. Our nation has strayed so far away from Him and common sense that daily we see headlines like these…

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