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US & South Korea To Start Massive Joint Military Drills On April 1

Following a months-long pause in military drills and despite a thaw in relations between Seoul and Pyongyang, South Korea and the US will resume joint military exercises on April 1, the Ministry of National Defense announced.

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‘If Iran Makes Nuclear Bomb, So Will We’ – Saudi Arabia’s Next Leader

WEB Notes: We heard this several years ago as well. This is one of many reasons why the world will eventually come together in a global union, to bring a perceived peace to the world, though we know there will never be true peace until the True Christ returns, (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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US Commander: ‘US Troops Prepared to Die for Israel’ in War Against Syria, Hezbollah

WEB Notes: I am sure the troops themselves are not so thrilled. This nation should not be involved in other countries affairs, period. There is no justification for it. The United States already gives Israel $3 billion dollars a year in aid and now they need the blood of our children as well? What exactly are we getting in return? Nothing. You shoud understand, there were Twelve Tribes of ancient Israel, not just one called Judah…

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Putin Boasts Military Might With Animation Of Nuke Strike On Florida

WEB Notes: “Mad people” run the world people and it is a literal circus. Now remember, ol North Korea supposedly made up their own corny video of an attack on the US and it gained public recognition and threats of war. What will this video bring forward? Probably nothing. Further, Putin has already said he would never attack NATO, which means the US as they are the primary supporter of NATO. This is propaganda, are you scared yet? That is what they are looking for.

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U.S. Senator Graham Returns From Israel: We Must ‘Stop The Iran-Assad Machine’

WEB Notes: Yes, let’s continue the war as it has worked out so well for this nation and those where the war transpires. Will people ever say enough is enough? Probably not.

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Israel, US To Hold Joint Military Exercise 

Israel and the United States will organise a joint military exercise in southern Israel within the next two week, Channel 10 reported yesterday.

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Macron: ‘France Will Strike’ in Syria if Chemical Weapon Use Proven

WEB Notes: I do not think this guy got the memo.

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Is US Being Sucked Into Syria’s War?

WEB Notes: The intro of this article is a wrap up of what we posted yesterday

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China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to North Korean Border

China is reportedly moving missile defense batteries and troops closer to its border with North Korea, a potential sign that Beijing anticipates either a large refugee wave north or a military disturbance triggered by the belligerence of communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

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Trump’s ‘Marching Orders’ To The Pentagon: Plan A Grand Military Parade

WEB Notes: Every time I see one of those military parades I think of some communist nation. It places in my mind the fact that the people, the leaders put their faith in arms of a machine over the arms of God.

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U.S. And North Korea Trade Warnings On Nuclear Strikes

WEB Notes: This sounds like Iran 2.0. In just a few short months kiddies, North Korea will nuke Mommy and Daddy’s house. How many years have we heard the U.S. and Israel tell us Iran was going to shoot nukes our way in weeks? This is fear and hype.

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US Nuclear Buildup Shows New Arms Race Has Already Begun – German FM

World safety requires more disarmament initiatives, not more nukes, says German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, accusing the new US Nuclear Posture Review of endangering Europe.

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