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Month: October 2009

The Fall of the Dollar

By: Brandon T. Ward

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past year or so… Russia, China as well as many other nations are now calling for a New World Reserve Currency. The United Nations has joined the bunch in calling for the same, this should come as no surprise however. Just a couple of weeks ago, a report leaked about a supposed “secret” meeting of Arab nations as well as Russia, China and France. The topic? Removing the dollar as the currency used to sell oil. This is an earth shaker to say the least, if you know anything about the “Petro-Dollar”!
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The Swine Flu Scare Continues…

Photo from davidfarrant of FlickrBy: Brandon T. Ward

Your President has just declared a National Emergency for Swine Flu/H1N1. A National Emergency? (Obama declares swine flu a national emergency)

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The state of the United States

By: Brandon T. Ward

What is happening to our once great country? The demise of our country and the system it operates under has been compromised since 1913. 1913 is the year the Federal Reserve came into existence. The Federal Reserve (who is not apart of the Federal Government and who has no Reserves) is a privately owned bank who in essence creates money with NO backing (ie: gold or silver) then lends it back to our government with interest. Sounds like a great racket doesn’t it? Does the Constitution allow this? Nope! The Constitution declares that Congress has the right to coin money. This is just the start of our troubles.

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The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

The Bible: Fact or Fiction? - Blurred Cross and SunBy: Brandon T. Ward

Many people are quick to discredit the Bible as some dusty old book full of tales. Is this a true statement? Of course not. In order to prove the Bible, one must first stop listening to other men and read the book for themselves. It is only this way that you will prove to yourself that the Bible is in fact true and accurate.

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