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The state of the United States

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By: Brandon T. Ward

What is happening to our once great country? The demise of our country and the system it operates under has been compromised since 1913. 1913 is the year the Federal Reserve came into existence. The Federal Reserve (who is not apart of the Federal Government and who has no Reserves) is a privately owned bank who in essence creates money with NO backing (ie: gold or silver) then lends it back to our government with interest. Sounds like a great racket doesn’t it? Does the Constitution allow this? Nope! The Constitution declares that Congress has the right to coin money. This is just the start of our troubles.

To compound the problem, years and years of fiscal irresponsibility have gotten us where we are today. During the Bush administration we saw wars and spending like never before. Republicans tout small government, we sure didn’t see this under Bush did we?

As much debt as George Bush created, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to Obama. Your current President’s spending will have out done all the presidents combined! That’s George Washington through George Bush!

Since Obama has taken office we have seen the socialization of our country like never before. Right is left, left is right it seems these days. The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement saying, ‘the Tea Party movement is low level domestic terrorism’. How can you be considered a terrorist for standing up for what the Constitution has to say? This is a very scary statement by our government indeed!

We now have Czars, who are un-elected officials with no accountability making decisions that effect our country and our citizens. The “Pay Czar” has stated they are going to reduce the pay of executives at the banks who took the bailout money, by 90%! You’re probably saying to yourself, that’s right they took our money! While this is true, when government starts to move in one direction they always tend to go too far! We are seeing this instantly in this case. Congressman Barney Frank has said he thinks this is a great idea and wants to see it extended to ALL COMPANIES. So now, the government wants to regulate the pay of EVERYONE. Does that sound fair?

We have bills being passed without even being read. The latest debacle is the health care bill. Recently, Congressman John Conyers made this irresponsible statement, “Why read a bill that is a 1000 pages long if you can’t understand it?” (Congressman John Conyers: “Why Read The Bill?” health care bill. Huh? Why would you vote on a bill if you know nothing about it Congressman? Just because there is a bill in your lap doesn’t mean you should sign it.

Surely, no one would buy a car or a house without reading the terms and payment conditions before signing. We aren’t even talking about chump change like that. We are talking about BILLIONS of dollars and these idiots don’t want to read the bill first!

If you are too lazy to do your job, sir, you need to LEAVE OFFICE. We need people who are going to work for the American people! When did our elected officials ever get the idea that they are our masters or don’t have to read bills in order to best serve the people? They are the servants of the American people and they are to do OUR work. Not work between parties to come to some “bipartisan” agreement on a bill the AMERICAN PEOPLE don’t want. Recent polls show just 42% of Americans support this bill.

We have the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) running in the red. What’s that mean you may ask? It means they are bankrupt. They are going to tap into the Treasury Department for more funds, just to insure the money you have in your bank.

The latest wisdom from the White House… Communications Director Anita Dunn has stated that they control the news media (White House boasts: We ‘control’ news media).

Since this statement, the White House has continued to slam Fox News. Obama himself has tried to marginalize Fox News by saying they are like “talk radio” (Obama suggests Fox News is like ‘talk radio’).

So if the government feels threatened by an outside source they try to marginalize them. We are seeing this right now with this whole media story and the Fox News story. We continue to hear calls to re-instate the “Fairness Doctrine”. The Fairness Doctrine is suppose to give equal speaking time for both sides of the argument. If you listen to talk radio at all, this is basically the only source for information not blindly supporting the irresponsible decisions of our government. If there is a new Fairness Doctrine it will be anything but fair, since most media outlets are in love with this Socialist Administration.

What can you do about it? Contact your Congressmen, contact your Senators. Tell them you have had enough!

Find your Congressmen here:

Find your Senators here:

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  1. Good point. If Obama passes his Cap and Tax, Health Care Bill, or signs this Copenhagen deal we might be able to confirm that.

    The bailouts should have never happened! Most of the money hasn’t kicked in but is starting too. Most of the work is temporary, so what happens when the work is over? Folks are once again unemployed.

    One of our local highways was in great shape. However, they decided to tear it up and repave a perfectly fine road. Sounds like a great way to spend our tax dollars!

  2. Obama is definitely a “raiser of taxes,” maybe THE raiser of taxes in Daniel 11:20. That includes all the hidden taxes and the intentional devaluation of our money. We the people sure aren’t seeing jobs or help with all the billions in “bailouts,” but a select few have robbed and pillaged our country and become immeasurably wealthy. We also see the current reality of Isaiah 3:4 “…babes shall rule…”

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