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The Swine Flu Scare Continues…

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Photo from davidfarrant of FlickrBy: Brandon T. Ward

Your President has just declared a National Emergency for Swine Flu/H1N1. A National Emergency? (Obama declares swine flu a national emergency)

Is it really that bad you may ask? We are constantly being told by the media about the swine flu, how dangerous it is, etc. Is it really that dangerous though? Let’s look at some facts.

The article mentioned above says, “many millions” of Americans have been infected. Of those “many millions”, 1,000 people have died due to the swine flu virus. Ok, so we have “many millions”, not an exact figure. While we have an exact figure of 1,000 deaths. Over what period of time? The next article here (Europe swine flu spreads, ‘millions’ infected in US) gives us that information. According to a US Health Official the 1,000 deaths have been over a six month period. Alright, we’re getting somewhere!

So we have 1,000 deaths over a six month period in the United States. Now let’s think this through logically and ask ourselves how many people die from the regular flu we have every single year… The answer? 36,000 people! That’s right, 36,000 people a year die from the regular flu that goes around in this country.

If you read the article titled, “Europe swine flu spreads, ‘millions’ infected in US”, you will see that the WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that WORLD WIDE just over 4,700 people have died from the swine flu or H1H1 virus. WORLD WIDE! Honestly folks, this is a joke! We are being told day in and day out how deadly this is. “Go get your shot” we are told. I highly recommend everyone do your research on the vaccine before you run out and get your dose!

In conclusion, over the past six months we have just a 1000 deaths from the swine flu in the United States and now Your President calls it a National Emergency? Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you?

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  1. More and more people these days are turning to alternative media. Like this site for their information as the media twists and puts spin on the news.

    It is a shame for the people who have died of the swine flu. However, up to this point already since the flu season started, 13,000 people have died due to the regular seasonal flu and you haven’t heard a word about it!

    Unfortunately, people are sheep and easily herded by the media.

  2. Why are Americans using the term “Your President?” And I don’t watch mainstream news any more, they are nothing but hype and scaremongers, among other things. As the numbers show in your blog, they have gone way overboard on hyping up this swine flu. Too bad people die from it, but they use that fact to blow it way out of proportion. By their standards, we would have almost a constant “National Emergency” each season each year for the regular flu. For some reason they REALLY want everyone to get those poisonous vaccinations.

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