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The Bowing President

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By: Brandon T. Ward

Once again, your President is making a mockery of the Presidency. No, I’m not talking about his latest policy or even the latest remark by one of his cabinet members. I’m talking about his latest bowing incident.

Obama just days ago bowed before the Japanese Emperor. Have other Presidents done this? Not to my knowledge. How about other world leaders? Nope. See some of the pictures in this article of other world leaders greeting the Japanese Emperor, simple handshakes. If you recall just a few months ago Obama bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia.

Your President doesn’t even have the sense to know he is not only a leader, but the leader of the greatest nation that has ever existed! You don’t bow before the leader of another nation. It shows weakness! Maybe someone should teach Obamanation, I mean, Obama some proper etiquette.

I’m not being nit picky, this is a disgrace to this nation, and the office of the Presidency. This man has no experience at being a leader, yet the sheeple voted him into office which tells you how informed they are. I’m betting they could tell you all about American Idol though!

Obama is a community organizer, not a leader. He became a Senator in 2005 and resigned in 2008 to focus on his Presidential bid. Yet the masses voted for him, wow!

I’m not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I would classify myself as a Libertarian after the likes of Texas Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The two party system is a joke. You have the talking heads in the media telling you to go vote for a Republican or it’s a wasted vote, a vote for the Democrats they tell you. If everyone stopped buying into this, we could actually have a viable third party. The Democrats told us how evil Bush and Company were for their war efforts. They told us how they would pull out and stop this never ending war. Yet they gain power and continue the war and the expansion of it!

Obama’s own lips told you he would pack up and bring the troops home. I think anyone with half a brain knew this wasn’t going to happen.

The truth be told, Obama nor the Democrats nor the Republicans run this country. They are merely the useful idiots. As one of my friends often says, you have to follow the money. Truer words were never spoken! No, the aforementioned are just puppets on a string acting out the game. The real players are behind the curtain. Do you know who they are?

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