By: Brandon T. Ward

With the end of 2009 upon us let’s take a moment to reflect on what has transpired over the past two years…

Let us start in late 2007 where we were continually told by the media that we were not in a recession. In reality we had been in a recession for quite some time.

I’m sure we all remember September of 2008… George Bush Jr. and friends told us the world would stop spinning and your wife would leave you if Congress didn’t pass the bailout bill. Some members of Congress were even told that Martial Law would be imposed if the bill was not passed!

Earlier this year we were told by the Obama Administration that we needed yet another bailout program. We were buttered up with the promise that unemployment wouldn’t reach 8% with the passing of that bill. It now “officially” stands at 10.2% and the real numbers are higher. To top it off, we also had other tax-payer funded programs such as “cash for clunkers.”

The events that have unfolded over the past two years are unprecedented! We have seen recent spending unequaled in the history of our country and a government giving YOUR tax dollars to the BANKS. These programs all have one thing in common: taking from one man and giving to another. And this, class, is called Socialism! It’s been tried again and again with the same losing results. All of these programs will lead to the bankruptcy of the United States which is now in sight. So you have to ask yourself, no, not “Do you feel lucky punk?” but “Was this all by accident, by chance?” No, this was not done by accident or by chance, this was done by design.

You don’t seriously think all the nations of the world had a financial collapse or near collapse at the same time by chance do you? Surely you don’t believe the only answer to solve that problem was to print up more money and give it to the banks, do you? Or the United States printing and then giving some of the bailout funds to other nations was all by chance (video at bottom of email)? No my friends this is by design without a doubt.

Since the financial crisis started we have witnessed like never before calls for the world to unite in a new world order, or new financial order as some would call it. The Globalists have been pushing this agenda for years and years and it’s not until recently that everyday folks can see this isn’t some conspiracy, but that it’s a fact (as documented in some of our articles) if you only take off your blinders and look: (The Copenhagen Treaty: The Push for World Government, The Fall of the Dollar). In the article, “The Fall of the Dollar” I have a video clip of George Bush Sr. talking about the new world order, yet some stay asleep and act like it doesn’t exist. That won’t make the issue go away though, I can promise you that.

The world even has a new religion, if you will, called “global warming” or “climate change” as it’s so commonly referred to now. The name change occurred as many in the scientific community exposed the facts which didn’t support the original name. What a great way to hide the truth and keep the lie going with a simple name change! Yet the nations have embraced this false idea and are trying to sign a treaty in Copenhagen which would effectively establish a global governmental system. This false theory of man-made climate change has taken a major blow in recent weeks. Please see our article titled The Falsification of Climate Change which will bring you up to speed on this new development.

The point of all of this is that we have been lied to over and over again. America is the main obstacle for a global governmental system. The bailouts are just the final piece in the raping of America. Allowing the bailout programs to become reality in the first place only bought time. While those with a globalist agenda bought time, they have also compounded the problem, so when the crap really does hit the fan it’s going to be that much worse. When all the nations are bankrupt there will be more war and the only solution will be for the world to unite into a one world system… All by design.

(Video Length: 5min 12sec)


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