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Month: June 2010

War: Iran, Syria and North Korea

By: Brandon T. Ward

The rhetoric for war is once again on the rise. It’s always the answer to economic calamity so why should now be any different? What war am I speaking of? It’s no secret that Iran, Syria and North Korea have all been given the title “Axis of Evil” by George W. Bush. Just because presidents change doesn’t mean policies change. We are still on the same course with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (we have actually expanded the war by moving into Pakistan) and we still paint Iran, Syria and North Korea in the colors of the enemy.

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May Jobs Report

By: Brandon T. Ward

The economy is in shambles and it’s being artificially inflated… Why, whatever do you mean Brandon?

I’m talking about the failed institutions that are being propped up by the bailouts. I’m talking about the crumbling housing sector that is being propped up by tax credits. I’m talking about the 32 states that don’t have enough money to pay for their own unemployed!

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The Issue of “Illegal” Immigration… Part 2

By: Brandon T. Ward

The rage over Arizona’s new law on “illegal” immigration continues. A couple of weeks ago the city of Los Angeles, California passed a resolution boycotting Arizona in a move that could wipe out millions of dollars in contracts for Arizona. In reply to this attempted power play by Los Angeles, Arizona has threatened to turn off the power they provide to Los Angeles if they follow through with their attempted boycott.

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