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Transgender at Age 6: Family Embraces Decision to Let Daughter Live as Boy

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(Breitbart) – The Washington Post reports that a Maryland couple has no regrets about a decision they made to allow their 5-year-old daughter to live as a boy. Now 6, Tyler (formerly known as Kathryn) has been living as a boy after his family made a public switch 18 months ago when Kathryn insisted she was really a boy. A psychiatrist told the family that the switch would be healthy if they allowed Kathryn to pick a boy’s name and if they were to able find a kindergarten that would allow them to enroll the child as a boy. Tyler’s mother said “It’s not a phase. Anyone who meets him says, ‘Yeah, that’s a boy.'”

According to the report, the transition has been somewhat seamless:

“Whenever the family watches television, Tyler roots for the boy characters.

His home looks like a house with a son. Karate gear, soccer balls, cars, trucks and pirate swords abound. At school, he’s a boy. Plain and simple.

Although Tyler is considered on the younger side of the transgender community, there is evidence to suggest that transgender adults felt miscast in their bodies from a very young age. Doctors believe that gender identity usually manifests itself between the ages of 3 and 6.

The family is starting an informal support group with tips to help your transgender youth adjust and adapt to the logistical concerns that arise from a switch as an early age.  Among the issues are school enrollment, sports, and bathroom use.  Not to mention the following:

His parents will have to find a doctor who will begin tracking him for early signs of early puberty next year. And once there is a sign – they are a family of early bloomers, and that trait is genetic, Jean (Tyler’s mother) said – they will have to decide whether to begin giving him puberty blockers to stop breasts and curves from blooming.

Boys will be boys. – Breitbart: Transgender at Age 6: Family Embraces Decision to Let Daughter Live as Boy

WEB Notes: What a mixed up world we live in. If you have to stop nature from performing its job in your body you know you must be doing something wrong. You are not a boy because you “feel” like a boy. You are a boy because there is a penis in your pants. If you do not have one, guess what? You are a girl. I know tough to figure out.

Promoting this twisted thought of transgender on children is despicable.

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  1. “If you have to stop nature from performing its job in your body you know you must be doing something wrong.”

    To agree with this sentence, you must:

    – Never take birth control of any kind. (You may have this one already judging by your bible references)
    – Never take a pain killer. (Pain is a natural response to show you that you are in danger or that your body is being damaged. To use them is unnatural and to stop your natural senses from doing something they should be doing)
    – Never give or receive blood, tissue, or organs from another person. (Death is a natural process. The loss of organs, blood, and tissues happens in nature, to stop or abade these natural processes would be to deny your mortal nature)

    I am sorry to inform you of these things, but they are your words. Surely, if you hadn’t meant them for all people you wouldn’t have targeted them at any person. I think that is in the bible somewhere. Something like a Golden rule or something

    • Great way to twist what I said. It would go much deeper than what you even mentioned. If you fit the class of this article you need not make an argument against another just ask the Father for forgiveness. Have a wonderful evening.

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