WEB Notes: This video is highly recommended. Many today do not understand where the American people came from. The “Abrahamic Covenant” documents the migration of the tribes of ancient Israel. This ebook and the following videos are a great place to start your discovery of that.

(Video, GB Book List) – On May 17, 2012 Timothy Ballard appeared on air and on GBTV with Glenn Beck talking about his book “The Covenant: One Nation Under God – America’s Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel”

“Why did Christopher Columbus assert that he was “guided by an angel” at the moments of greatest distress? What prompted the original colonists to embrace the idea that the land of America was “New Israel” to them? What power urged Washington and his rag-tag army to successfully conquer the greatest military power on earth? What brought about the terrible national crisis that left our nation grieving, humbled and repentant after the desolation of Civil War?

What is the secret behind this nation’s unsurpassed record of prosperity, protection and liberty? And what are the responsibilities and consequences incumbent upon a people so blessed?

The answers to these, and many other questions relating to America’s real national treasure are found in the pages of THE COVENANT.

In his new book, author Timothy Ballard answers both HOW and WHY the America’s very existence stands in fulfillment of ancient biblical prophecy.

Ballard’s research takes his reader on a journey through American history that has rarely, if ever, been traveled before.

THE COVENANT: America’s Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel sheds new light on the bloodline-inheritance the founders carried to America.

To be certain, this book is not about America’s ties to the Jewish State called “Israel” which was formed by U.N. edict in 1948 but rather, the text hearkens back to a period around 720 B.C. when the Northern Kingdom of ancient Israel (the Ten Tribes) was destroyed and carried away by the Assyrians to the “North” where they became lost as to their own identity scattered among the lands and peoples of Western Europe, Great Britain and Scandinavia. These people inherit through birth and bloodline, the right to invoke “the Promises made to the Fathers.”

For the book “The Covenant” go to: http://www.amzn.to/CovenantBook, http://www.GlennBecksBookList.com

GB Book List: Glenn Beck w/ Timothy Ballard On Radio Book “The Covenant”America’s Sacred Connection to Israel


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