Watch the following video and these members of our government as they bow their heads before an Islamic prayer in our government building. This is an abomination to our Father.

Further, these are not Christians my friends, these are men and woman who claim to be Christians. No Christian who has a basic understanding of the Bible would bow before another god. Have they not read the first commandment our Father has given us?

Exodus 20:3
“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

When I saw this video I thought about Deuteronomy 28. It is the blessings and cursings of a nation chapter if you follow or do not follow the commandments of our Father. Then I thought about the Ten Commandments Monument in Oklahoma that was recently destroy by a man in a car who said Satan told him to urinate on the Ten Commandments and then run them over. They now lay in pieces, just like the original Ten Commandments Moses was issued…

We are allowing Satan to remove every part of God in this nation. I would like to note, Satanists have been planning to setup their own monument. A monument of Satan right next to the Ten Commandments Monument that is now destroyed. What a sign that appears to be, the removal of God and the setting up of Satan…


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