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Video: End Times Events – Signs in the Heavens and Earth 11-2014

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End Times Events - Signs in the Heavens and Earth - Revelation Bible Page

(Video) – These videos are a great visual documentation of Bible prophecy unfolding in these end times. We are witnessing earthquakes in diverse places, record volcano eruptions, a world on the verge of global economic collapse and the threat of world war that could turn into a nuclear war.

Being a child of God we have nothing to fear, our Father is always able to protect us (Isaiah 41:10). The three in the fiery furnace are a great example of that protection. Further, it will not be man, but God who will destroy this earth age by fire (2 Peter 3:10).

These birth pains are a sign of the times that are setting the stage for the appearance of the false messiah, Satan who will claim to be Jesus Christ. Further, Satan’s Tribulation will be as in the days of Noah. So as you watch this video and end times prophecy unfold take comfort knowing our Father is by our side (Psalms 118:6).

These are the last days my friends, so stay alert, stay in His Word and enjoy the video.

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This video originated from the: fidockave213 Channel.

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1 Comment

  1. Thanks for bringing this very compelling and *telling* video to us here on World Events and the Bible! What an amazing time that we live in! Our generation is like no other…in that we actually *see* these prophecies unfold / come to pass…exactly as they have been written in…Mark 13…Matthew 24…Luke 21 amongst other similar Scriptures throughout God’s Love Letter to us…the Bible!
    Come Lord Yeshua, come!!!! Thy people have once again *corrupted* themselves!!!!
    Keep those of us who remain true to You, safe dear LORD! We acknowledge that You take care of Your own, oh Mighty YHVH! However, we will continue to pray for one another…by instruction from You dear Lord.
    We are prepared to do as You say Lord Yeshua: “Then said Jesus to his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me” (Matthew 16:24)…and also to have on and in place…the *Full* Gospel Armor to stand against the fiery darts of Satan / Antichrist! Ephesians 6:12-16.
    Use us to Thy Will dear LORD! After all…we* were created for *Thy* pleasure! Most of us have been given freewill…to choose between You and satan…we, the *freewills*…whom believe…*chose* You!
    I join my brothers and sisters in You…in prayer…as we pray for one another…and ask that You lead, guide, direct, touch, prosper, heal and comfort those of us who have placed our trust in Thee!
    All things done…to magnify and glorify Thy Holy Name in Heaven, dear LORD!
    We come earnestly, sincerely and *humbly* before Thee, as we continue to keep the *Watch*…our heavenly Father…in Christ Yeshua precious Holy Name…Amen!

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