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Date: January 22, 2015

Davos arrives as world on verge of nervous breakdown. ECB announces milestone €1.14tn ‘easy money’ program.

Davos arrives as world on verge of nervous breakdown
(Source: USA Today) – “This event is an extraordinary opportunity and keeps its validity because it’s able to attract so many interesting people from the world of business and government and other communities for a relatively informal and open conversation,” said Ian Goldin, a Davos veteran, and the director of the Oxford Martin School, a research institute attached to Oxford University.

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Obama in State of Union: Same-Sex Marriage is ‘America at Its Best’. Mike Huckabee: States Can Ignore Supreme Court On Gay Marriage & More

WEB Notes: Listen to the lies and deception. The absolute perversion of truth as we were told would happen in 2 Timothy 3:1-7. And of course this country was founded on states rights. That is what the Constitution declares, but this too has been perverted. If the Supreme Court makes the decision to allow homosexual marriage you can bet it will be adopted by most states.

Obama in State of Union: Same-Sex Marriage is ‘America at Its Best’
(Source: CNS News) When he was running for president seven years ago, and appearing in a nationally televised forum held by a Christian pastor at a Christian church, Barack Obama said he believed that marriage was a “sacred union” that was “between a man and a woman.”

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Yemen’s President Held Captive; U.S. Sends Navy Warships To Red Sea

WEB Notes: It looks like the US will have to go take over another nation and of course punish Iran for helping “the bad guys”. The thing I find the most interesting is it is always the US in other peoples affairs. How can the people not see this has nothing to do with fighting for freedom in our nation. That is a lie that has been swallowed by the public. Our troops have no business in these other nations and should instead be at home enjoying their families.

(Source: From The Trenches) – Yemen President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi is being held captive by rebels who have attacked his compound, just as the U.S. military has moved the USS Iwo Jima and the USS Fort McHenry into the Red Sea, in position to take aboard evacuees from the U.S. Embassy in Yemen if tensions and violence continue to escalate.

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Germany repatriates more gold: Bundesbank

WEB Notes: Why is Germany repatriating its gold anyway? It has been stored in the US for years. There must be uncertainty on Germany’s part about the safety of their gold. A lack of trust in the global system.

(Source: Yahoo) – The German central bank or Bundesbank said Monday that it stepped up the repatriation of its gold reserves from overseas storage last year.

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7 Children Removed From Home Over Mineral Supplement

WEB Notes: What country do we live in? Why would the police respond to a call about children running barefoot in the snow and show up with a warrent? This is insanity. If this is not documentation about the disintegration of our freedoms I do not know what is.

(Source: Yahoo) -Authorities in Arkansas reportedly removed seven children from their home last week after an anonymous caller notified police that the kids were running barefoot in the snow. When officers arrived at the home of Hal and Michelle Stanley with a warrant, they searched the premises and found a mineral supplement — MMS or Mineral Miracle Solution, which has been cited for various dangers by the Food and Drug Administration — and took the children into custody.

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American Express to cut more than 4,000 jobs over this year. EBay may sell enterprise unit ahead of PayPal split.

American Express to cut more than 4,000 jobs over this year
(Source: CNBC) – American Express said it plans to cut more than 4,000 jobs over the next year.

A representative for the company told CNBC that it is planning to cut the jobs but that this is only a gross figure, and that the firm will also continue to hire selectively in parts of the organization. Additionally, American Express reported quarterly earnings that slightly beat analysts’ expectations on Wednesday, and CEO Ken Chenault said in a release that “tight controls on the cost side of the ledger” had benefited the company.
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