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Date: February 3, 2015

Christian Music: Need to Breathe – Brother

Christian Music Video of the Week
Christian Music Video of the Week:
Need to Breathe – Brother

Tired of the negative message in secular music? Why not try listening to positive, encouraging Christian music? Music frees the soul, so bring Christ into that fold. We need Jesus Christ every day and Christian music is a great way to connect with our Lord and Savior even if it is in a small way. So enjoy this week’s music selection and the song lyrics which are beneath the video.

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The 21 curious questions we’re never allowed to ask about vaccines. Fox Host on Mandatory Vaccines: “Some Things Require Big Brother”.

WEB Notes: The mainstream media is now making the case we should all be vaccinated without a choice. Where is the Constitution in all of this? Are these talking heads diluted? 1 in 50 child births now has an autistic child. Why is that? Is it because we are upon a new medical age? Absolutely not, 1 in 50 is the worse ratio since calculations began. I am not blaming vaccines personally, but what has changed over the course of the last 100 years? Vaccines and chemicals in our food.
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The 21 curious questions we’re never allowed to ask about vaccines

Video, (Source: From The Trenches) – The surest sign of a medical dictatorship is an aggressively enforced blockade against intelligent questions. Intelligent questions, after all, can destroy a medical police state because they expose the fraud of it.

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Nearly 1 MILLION border-crossing illegal immigrants have received US work permits during Obama’s presidency, shocking documents reveal. Obama Quietly Adds 5.46 Million Foreigners To Economy.

Nearly 1 MILLION border-crossing illegal immigrants have received US work permits during Obama’s presidency, shocking documents reveal
(Source: Daily Mail) – More than 957,000 immigrants who crossed the U.S. border illegally have received work permits since Barack Obama became president, a shocking report revealed on Monday.

The Center for Immigration Studies uncovered documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, showing that more than 5.5 million new work permits were issued to aliens overall from 2009 to 2014.

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Report: Secret ‘Talks About Talks’ Taking Place Between U.S. and North Korea

WEB Notes: These talks are so secret that we are talking about them right now. How about that!

(Source: Weekly Standard) – Despite raised tensions between the U.S. and North Korea recently, there are secret “talks about talks” taking place behind the scenes between the two countries, according to a new report.

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The 6 Grand Illusions That Keep Us Enslaved to the Matrix

WEB Notes: A great example of this is magazines in the check out isle or the numerous ads on websites telling you who is popular, what to buy and on and on it goes.

(Source: Activist Post) – We live in a world of illusion. So many of the concerns that occupy the mind and the tasks that fill the calendar arise from planted impulses to become someone or something that we are not. This is no accident. As we are indoctrinated into this authoritarian-corporate-consumer culture that now dominates the human race, we are trained that certain aspects of our society are untouchable truths, and that particular ways of being and behaving are preferred.

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Mother-of-six with learning disabilities could be sterilised after authorities ask court for permission to force entry into her home

WEB Notes: Maybe this woman is mentally ill. But does that give anyone the right to forcibly sterilize her or even enter her home? In the US people who support the second amendment, and oppose abortion have been called domestic terrorists some representatives of the government. Think how deep this subject could truly go.

(Source: Independent) – A mother-of-six with learning disabilities could be sterilised after health authority and social services bosses asked a judge for permission to force entry into her home, restrain her and take her to hospital.

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Fight against Islamic State is World War 3 – Iraqi foreign minister

WEB Notes: This is a manufactured war, worse then the ones of the past in that a separate group has been created and funded and the world has bought the lie that this group started on its own and is funded on its own.


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