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Date: February 9, 2015

Video: End Times Events – Signs in the Heavens and Earth 02-2015

End Times Events - Signs in the Heavens and Earth - Revelation Bible Page

WEB Notes: Contrary to the end of this video, our Father’s Holy Spirit will not be removed during the Tribulation, but poured out upon his Election so they may be a witness to the world. Read our study titled, “The Saints and Their Role in the Tribulation“.

(Video) – These videos are a great visual documentation of Bible prophecy unfolding in these end times. We are witnessing earthquakes in diverse places, record volcano eruptions, a world on the verge of global economic collapse and the threat of world war that could turn into a nuclear war.

Being a child of God we have nothing to fear, our Father is always able to protect us (Isaiah 41:10). The three in the fiery furnace are a great example of that protection. Further, it will not be man, but God who will destroy this earth age by fire (2 Peter 3:10).

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Interfaith Conversations at the United Nations

(Source: Huffington Post) – It’s interfaith harmony week. This is one of many special times that United Nations member states have agreed upon to focus on a problem or issue. Interfaith Harmony week began in 2010, a sort of middle path between more far-reaching efforts to focus on religious matters in a UN setting, and a not insignificant current of unease about even broaching the topic. The idea is that around the world groups use the platform to engage in different activities. This year, with horrendous religious tensions so much in evidence, the week takes on a special significance.

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Quartet urges revival of Mid East talks, reconstruction of Gaza

(Source: Reuters) – The “Quartet” of Middle East peace mediators urged a prompt resumption of talks between Israel and the Palestinians after a meeting in Munich on Sunday and voiced concern about the slow pace of reconstruction in Gaza, damaged in last year’s war.

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Moscow & Cairo to drop USD, use national currencies in bilateral trade – Putin. The World’s Best Known Global Shipping Index has Crashed To Its Lowest Level Ever & More

Moscow & Cairo to drop USD, use national currencies in bilateral trade – Putin
(Source: RT) – Russia and Egypt might soon exclude the US dollar and use their national currencies in the settlement of accounts in bilateral trade, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview to Egyptian media ahead of his Monday visit to the country.

The issue of abandoning the dollar in trade is “being actively discussed,” Putin told Al-Ahram daily newspaper ahead of his two-day trip to Egypt. The Russian president was invited for a bilateral meeting by his Egyptian counterpart Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.
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Video Shows Austin Cops Firing Bean Bag Rounds at Man With Hands Up

(Video, Source: From The Trenches) – The Austin Police Department, a department with a history of using excessive force, shot bean bag rounds at 20-year-old Devon Smith after he surrendered to a SWAT team with his hands up Friday night.

Police claim Smith had a knife and posed a danger to officers.  But the video tells a different story. 

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2,000 UK troops, RAF spy plane bound for Jordan to combat ISIS

(Source: RT) – The UK will send 2,000 specialist troops and a spy plane to Jordan to aid its efforts to defeat the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), a government source has revealed.

The decision follows criticism from the Commons Defence Select Committee that the UK was not committing sufficient troops or resources to the area.

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‘Amnesty Bonuses’ in Tax Code: Illegal Immigrants to Receive Earned Income Tax Credit

(Source: Weekly Standard) – President Barack Obama has promoted his recent executive action on immigration by arguing that he’s only deferring action – holding off on enforcement of the current immigration laws until an immigration reform he approves of passes Congress. But that’s not really true; in fact there’s a way for illegal immigrants immediately to receive “amnesty bonuses,” as Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska terms it.

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2 IL Vets Place Entire Board Under Citizen’s Arrest, Force 102 Corrupt Officials to Resign

(Video, Source: Truth and Action) – The citizen’s arrest on the local board was for “failing to allow public comment” and “violating a state disclosure law.”

Clark County Sheriff Jerry Parsley responded in support of the arrest stating that Kraft had handled the citizen’s arrest responsibly and the local board definitely broke the law by violating the Open Meetings Act by not allowing the public to speak.

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