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Date: February 13, 2015

Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread. Goldman Asks If Negative Rates Are Coming To The US & More

Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread
(Source: Telegraph) – Sweden has cut interest rates below zero and launched quantitative easing to fight deflation, becoming the latest Scandinavian state to join Europe’s escalating currency wars.

The Riksbank caught markets by surprise, reducing the benchmark lending rate to minus 0.10pc and unveiled its first asset purchases, vowing to take further action at any time to stop the country falling into a deflationary trap. The bank presented the move as precautionary step due to rising risks of a “poorer outcome abroad” and the crisis in Greece.

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Study: Megadroughts A Future Reality For Much Of Western United States. Brazilians hoard water, prepare for possible drastic rationing.

WEB Notes: Where we live the weather has not been right for several years now. It is like the seasons are out of sync and blurred. We have not experienced much of a winter, not cold and no rain to really speak of. Spring arrived about three weeks ago and spring is officially five weeks away.

Study: Megadroughts A Future Reality For Much Of Western United States
(Source: CBS) – As bad as recent droughts in California, the Southwest and the Midwest have been, scientists say far worse “megadroughts” are coming – and they’re bound to last for decades.

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U.S. Drops to 49th in World Press Freedom Rankings, Worst Since Obama Became President

(Source: First Look) – Each year, Reporters Without Borders issues a worldwide ranking of nations based on the extent to which they protect or abridge press freedom. The group’s 2015 ranking was released this morning, and the United States is ranked 49th.

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Military approves hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning

WEB Notes: Read the entire article so you can see where people’s minds are at. They are saying this is a necessary procedure. Confusion, confusion, confusion. And who will pay for this procedure? You and I.

(Source: USA Today) – In a first for the Army, Chelsea Manning, the convicted national-security secrets leaker, has been approved for hormone therapy for transition to a woman at the Army’s Fort Leavenworth prison, according to a memo obtained Thursday by USA TODAY.

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US budget deficit running 6.2 percent higher than last year. First Time Ever: Federal Tax Revenues Top $1 Trillion Thru January; Gov’t Still Runs $194B Deficit.

US budget deficit running 6.2 percent higher than last year
(Source: MyWayNews) – The federal government ran a bigger deficit in January, pushing the imbalance so far this budget year up 6.2 percent from the same period a year ago.

The Treasury Department said Wednesday the deficit for January stood at $17.5 billion compared to $10.3 billion a year ago. For the first four months of the budget year that began in October, the deficit widened to $194.2 billion from $182.8 billion during the same period last year.
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Does a Real Anti-Aging Pill Already Exist?

WEB Notes: Who would want to live forever in this world? It is a shame that many do not understand God and His plan for us.

(Source: Bloomberg) – One afternoon in the early 1980s, Suren Sehgal brought a strange package home from work and stashed it in his family’s freezer. Wedged beside the ice cream, it was wrapped in heavy plastic and marked, “DON’T EAT!” Inside were several small glass vials containing a white paste—all that remained of a rare bacterium that today is the foundation of the most promising anti-aging drug in decades. Sehgal had been studying it since 1972, when he’d first isolated it in a soil sample at Ayerst Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company in Montreal.

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Pharmacy Shelves Bare in Venezuela

(Source: Ozy) – “My niece is very sick. We haven’t been able to locate the drug in pharmacies or in hospitals,” says Nelson Jaimes, who’s Chacón’s uncle and, coincidentally, a pharmacist. “We who are inside the pharma business can’t locate the products. What can a regular citizen expect to find?” In Venezuela, several hundred tweets like this go out every day under the hashtag “#ServicioPublico,” meaning “public service.”

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I.M.F. Announces $17.5 Billion Package to Help Kiev Stabilize Economy

(Source: NY Times) – The International Monetary Fund agreed on Thursday to throw a new $17.5 billion lifeline to Ukraine, hoping to stabilize the country as it teeters on the edge of default.

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‘God Created Marriage’ So ‘He’s The Only One That Can Define It’. Chris Cuomo, CNN host, to Roy Moore: ‘Our rights do not come from God’

‘God Created Marriage’ So ‘He’s The Only One That Can Define It’
(Video, Source: CNS News) – Speaking at an event at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Rev. Garland Hunt said efforts by homosexual and other activists to redefine marriage defies its creation by God as the sacred union of one man and one woman.

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Florida School Board Votes to Ban Bibles Over Satanists Seeking to Pass Out Coloring Books

(Source: Christian News) – A school board in Florida has voted to ban all religious materials from being distributed in public schools after a New York-based Satanist group.

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