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Date: February 23, 2015

White House Summit on Violent Extremism Opens With Muslim Prayer – No Other Faiths Represented

WEB Notes: Our government continues to turn to false gods and religions.

(Video, Source: CNS News) – A Muslim prayer was recited at the start of the second day of the White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism,” but no other religious text was presented during the portion of the event that was open to the press.

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Christian Music: JJ Weeks Band – Let Them See You

Christian Music Video of the Week
Christian Music Video of the Week:
JJ Weeks Band – Let Them See You

Tired of the negative message in secular music? Why not try listening to positive, encouraging Christian music? Music frees the soul, so bring Christ into that fold. We need Jesus Christ every day and Christian music is a great way to connect with our Lord and Savior even if it is in a small way. So enjoy this week’s music selection and the song lyrics which are beneath the video.

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