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Video: End Times Events – Signs in the Heavens and Earth 02-2015

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End Times Events - Signs in the Heavens and Earth - Revelation Bible Page

WEB Notes: Contrary to the end of this video, our Father’s Holy Spirit will not be removed during the Tribulation, but poured out upon his Election so they may be a witness to the world. Read our study titled, “The Saints and Their Role in the Tribulation“.

(Video) – These videos are a great visual documentation of Bible prophecy unfolding in these end times. We are witnessing earthquakes in diverse places, record volcano eruptions, a world on the verge of global economic collapse and the threat of world war that could turn into a nuclear war.

Being a child of God we have nothing to fear, our Father is always able to protect us (Isaiah 41:10). The three in the fiery furnace are a great example of that protection. Further, it will not be man, but God who will destroy this earth age by fire (2 Peter 3:10).

These birth pains are a sign of the times that are setting the stage for the appearance of the false messiah, Satan who will claim to be Jesus Christ. Further, Satan’s Tribulation will be as in the days of Noah. So as you watch this video and end times prophecy unfold take comfort knowing our Father is by our side (Psalms 118:6).

These are the last days my friends, so stay alert, stay in His Word and enjoy the video.

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  1. An earthquake expert was on the Alex Jones show Friday, he said that there was a spike in earthquakes in the world the past week. Labor pains.

  2. This vidio carries all the weight of the old testament as well as the new concerning prophecy, to know it’s going to get worse is pretty overwhelming. Thank you Brandon for all you do in the name of the LORD.

  3. Amazing footage as to what is currently taking place on the planet! Non-believing scoffers will tell believers these events were always with us, and that modern media advancements in covering these events are the only reason that we are now seeing an increase in them.
    Also, how weird that reddish light in the sky was over Russia! My speculation calls me to mention Rev.12:7 as to what may be going on in heaven right now. I’m not say this is so, but to stay awake on the wall watchman.

  4. It appears the hour is soon upon us.

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