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Date: March 5, 2015

Kerry says demanding Iran’s ‘capitulation’ is no way to secure nuclear deal

(Source: Reuters) – Simply demanding Iran’s capitulation is no way to get a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday as he wrapped up three days of talks with a veiled dig at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kerry said he and Iranian counterpart Mohammad Jawad Zarif made some progress in their negotiations in the Swiss lakeside town of Montreux and would resume them on March 15. Kerry aides said many obstacles remained before a late March deadline for an outline accord between Iran and six world powers.

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One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 1

(Source: Alt-Market) – We are only two months into 2015, and it has already proven to be the most volatile year for the economic environment since 2008-2009. We have seen oil markets collapsing by about 50 percent in the span of a few months (just as the Federal Reserve announced the end of QE3, indicating fiat money was used to hide falling demand), the Baltic Dry Index losing 30 percent since the beginning of the year, the Swiss currency surprise, the Greeks threatening EU exit (and now Greek citizens threatening violent protests with the new four-month can-kicking deal), and the effects of the nine-month-long West Coast port strike not yet quantified. This is not just a fleeting expression of a negative first quarter; it is a sign of things to come.

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John Kerry to Visit Saudi Arabia to Consult on Iran Nuclear Talks

(Source: NBC) – Fresh from the latest round of Iran nuclear negotiations, Secretary of State John Kerry planned to head to Saudi Arabia Wednesday to ease Gulf Arab concerns about an emerging deal and discuss ways to calm instability in troubled Yemen.

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Europe to start €1.14trn ‘easy money’ program on March 9 – ECB President

(Source: RT) – The European Central Bank will kick off its monthly €60 billion purchases of government bonds and private sector assets next Monday, said the head of the ECB Mario Draghi. 

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Gerald Celente: Obama’s Extremism

(Video) – The latest video from Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente.

“Greece reaches a deal to extend it’s bailout for 4 months, Walmart raises hourly wages to “at least” $10 an hour & Barack Obama says: “groups like Al Qaeda and ISIL peddle the lie that some of our countries are hostile to Muslims”. The hypocrisy!”

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Lord Rothschild Warns Investors of ‘Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation Since WWII’

(Source: Infowars) – Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned investors that the world is mired in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since World War II.
The 78-year-old chairman of RIT Capital Partners, a £2.3bn trust, used the organization’s annual report to caution savers that the focus of the firm would be the preservation of shareholders’ capital and not short term gains.

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Take Out A 7 Year Car Loan To Buy Stocks, CNBC Experts Advise

WEB Notes: Stay out of debt as much as possible my friends. A seven year car loan is not a wise financial decision. Consider buying a used vehicle. Let someone else take the hit of buying “new”.

(Source: ZeroHedge) – In what can only be described as a wanton display of absurdity, CNBC dedicated not one, not two, but three segments (and those are just the ones we noticed) to subprime auto lending on Wednesday producing, in the process, three of the most hilarious clips in recent memory.

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Over 500 Pakistani parents arrested for children’s failure to get polio vaccine

(Source: CNN) – Police have arrested more than 500 parents in and around the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar for not allowing their children to get the polio vaccine, an official said Tuesday.

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‘We should absolutely consider lethal aid’ to Ukraine – US Gen. Martin Dempsey. US Commander: Arming Ukraine Increases Pressure on Putin.

WEB Notes: This is also theater just like the escalation with Israel.

‘We should absolutely consider lethal aid’ to Ukraine – US Gen. Martin Dempsey
(Source: RT) – Even with a sustainable ceasefire active in Ukraine, the US top brass is nursing schemes of arming Kiev troops with lethal aid, while the US president has prolonged anti-Russian sanctions introduced a year ago in connection with the Ukraine crisis.

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Alabama high court orders halt to same-sex marriage licenses

WEB Notes: Everyone should be giving Alabama a standing ovation right now.

(Source: Reuters) – The Alabama Supreme Court ordered probate judges on Tuesday to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in apparent defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court, underscoring the depth of opposition to gay matrimony in the socially conservative state.

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