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Date: March 18, 2015

Friday’s Study: Preparing Our Households for the Tribulation

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We would like to inform you that we will publish our latest Bible study this Friday March 20th titled, “Preparing Our Households for the Tribulation”. As a note, you can find all of our Bible studies by clicking on the “Bible Studies” tab at the top of our site.

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Bible Verse of the Day – Romans 15:13

Bible Verse of the Day
Bible Verse of the Day and Thoughts

Romans 15:13
13 “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

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Intelligence Officer: Every Single Terrorist Attack In U.S Was a False Flag Attack … Or Egged On By the Government

(Video, Source: From The Trenches) – Robert David Steele – a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer

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US sets new record for denying, censoring federal files under open government law

(Source: Fox) – For the second consecutive year, the Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

The government took longer to turn over files when it provided any, said more regularly that it couldn’t find documents, and refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy.

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US, Coalition Forces Hit ISIL With 19 Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq – DoD

WEB Notes: I want you to remember the US has no authority from the government of Syria to conduct these airstrikes on or over their soil.

(Source: Sputnik) – US and international anti-Islamic State Coalition military forces launched 19 airstrikes that degraded the militant group’s capabilities in Syria and Iraq, the US Defense Department said in a statement.

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Navy strategic air wing commander fired

WEB Notes: How many high ranking members of the military have been removed from their positions of power in the last year? There has been an outstanding number.

(Source: Stripes) – The Navy fired the commander of an organization whose aircraft allow the president and the secretary of defense to directly contact the submarines, bombers and land-based missiles that comprise the nation’s strategic nuclear force.

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GCHQ empowered to hack any device anywhere without terrorist, criminal threat – UK court doc

(Source: Black Listed News) – The government has admitted to possessing far-reaching hacking powers to break into computers, phones and communications networks anywhere across the globe in the absence of national security and criminal threats, a court document reveals.

The startling revelation surfaced after civil rights group Privacy International (PI) filed a legal challenge in 2014 questioning the hacking powers of UK government intelligence agency GCHQ.

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Riots: Blockupy: ECB protesters clash with Frankfurt police, tear gas deployed. Greek protesters target police, torch cars in Athens demanding prison closure.

WEB Notes: This photo is from RT. It seems the children of Satan have everything covered. Just as we have been saying, make the people despise their current governments and when the world collapses offer a solution for a new world government. These people below are already on board.

ECB protesters clash with Frankfurt police, tear gas deployed
(Video, Source: RT) – Some 350 people have been detained at the Blockupy protest in Frankfurt on the day the European Central Bank headquarters open in the city. 70 police have been injured in clashes. Tear gas was used against protesters, who pelted stones and torched cars.

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Netanyahu Party Wins Israeli Parliamentary Election – Final Results

WEB Notes: This is not even close to a surprise. Of course Bibi won, he wants to bomb Iran, he is their man.

(Source: Sputnik) – With 99.5 percent of the votes tallied, the right-wing Likud party, led by Netanyahu, is projected to win 30 seats. The closest rival, the left-wing Zionist Union, is projected to come in second at 24 seats, Channel 2 reported.

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