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Date: March 23, 2015

Bible Verse of the Day – James 1:12-13

Bible Verse of the Day
Bible Verse of the Day and Thoughts

James 1:12
12 “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.”

This applies to our daily lives. But remember this verse during the Tribulation. That is the Hour of Temptation and it most definitely will be a trying time. We need to be spiritually ready for this hour. We need to ensure we have all of the gospel armour on and in place. 

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Christian Music: Brandon Heath – The Harvester

Christian Music Video of the Week
Christian Music Video of the Week:
Brandon Heath – The Harvester

Tired of the negative message in secular music? Why not try listening to positive, encouraging Christian music? Music frees the soul, so bring Christ into that fold. We need Jesus Christ every day and Christian music is a great way to connect with our Lord and Savior even if it is in a small way. So enjoy this week’s music selection and the song lyrics which are beneath the video.

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Cities using work permit aliens to enforce gun edicts and laws against citizens

(Source: From The Trenches) – “Police departments hiring immigrants as officers,” USA Today reported Sunday. “[S]ome [departments] are allowing immigrants who are legally in the country to wear the badge. From Hawaii to Vermont, agencies are allowing green-card holders and legal immigrants with work permits to join their ranks.”

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, that depends on what the meaning of the term “legal” is.

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NATO’s Breedlove says ‘all tools’ on table to help Ukraine

(Source: DW) – Washington has been discussing whether to supply Kyiv with weapons to assist their military fighting pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine which NATO says have been armed and are supported by Moscow.

Speaking at the annual Brussels Forum on Sunday, General Philip Breedlove said when asked if he favored sending weaponry to the region, “I’d not think that any tool of the US, or any other nation’s power should necessarily be off the table.”

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Small local newspaper dares to report truth about vaccine-damaged children receiving financial compensation from the federal vaccine court

(Source: From The Trenches) – The corporate media won’t report such cases because their bottom line is more important than being honest with their readers, but vaccine damages do occur, even if the big newspapers don’t want to risk their pharmaceutical industry ad purchases to tell you about them.

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U.S. Boosts Military Presence in Gulf Waters as Iran Deal Inches Closer

(Source: Free Beacon) – Some 3,000 U.S. military personnel as well as American “air, land, sea, and special operations components” have moved into the Persian Gulf region for a military exercise that coincides with the finalization of a nuclear agreement with Iran aimed at containing its nuclear arms program, according to officials from U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM).

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How Much Time Do Americans Spend Plugged Into The Matrix Every Day?

(Source: Economic Collapse Blog) – The average American spends more than 10 hours a day using an electronic device.  And most of that activity is not even interactive.  The vast majority of the time we are just passively absorbing content that someone else has created.  This very much reminds me of the movie “the Matrix”, but with a twist.  Instead of humans being forcefully connected to “the Matrix”, we are all willingly connecting ourselves to it.  There is a giant system that defines our reality for us, and the length of time that the average American spends connected to it just continues to keep growing.  In fact, there are millions upon millions of us that simply do not “feel right” unless there is at least something on in the background.  Just think about it. 

How much time do you spend each day with all electronic devices completely turned off?  Thanks to technology, we live at a time when more news, information and entertainment is at our fingertips than ever before, and we are consuming more of it than ever before.  But this also gives a tremendous amount of power to those that create all of this news, information and entertainment.  As I have written about previously, more than 90 percent of the “programming” that we absorb is created by just 6 enormously powerful media corporations.  Our conversations, attitudes, opinions and belief systems are constantly being shaped by those entities.

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As crowd chants ‘Death to America,’ Khamenei backs nuclear talks

(Source: LA Times) – Iran’s supreme leader on Saturday urged Iranians to support their government’s efforts to negotiate a nuclear deal, even while denouncing the United States and other Western governments involved in the talks.

In a much-anticipated speech on the first day of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said all Iranians should support the government of President Hassan Rouhani, even if they didn’t vote for him in the presidential election. Rouhani has made negotiation of a nuclear deal with world powers a centerpiece of his administration.

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