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Americans To Receive Full Biometric Treatment For All Forms Of European Travel

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WEB Notes: More of your freedoms being removed. Why are we doing these things? Because fear has been struck into your hearts. Fear that there is a terrorist behind every bush. Citizens have effectively been turned into criminals by having to give all of their information for the “privilege” to travel.

(Source: Alt-Market) – Travel becomes truly ominous…

In a trend that isn’t wholly surprising, EU Observer reports:

US citizens and other non-EU nationals who enter Europe will be asked to have their faces image-captured and fingerprints scanned upon arrival at a half-dozen major airports. [emphasis added]

This “biometric dragnet” is the pilot test for the EU’s new “smart borders” packages. The test portion will run March – September 2015, for starters. The commission originally proposed this package in 2013 but pulled it and began revising. While there is some opposition, the experiment is shortly underway.

The captures include fingerprint scans, iris scans and facial recognition scans for all forms of European travel – road, train, sea and air. – Read More – Alt-Market

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  1. If your not a law breaker; and you have nothing to hide; and your not doing anything wrong; so then, what’s the big deal?(add sarcasm). The coming global government wants to get to know you better. Smile now!

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