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Why the Media Silence on Lindsey Graham’s Vow to Use the Military to Force Vote in Congress?

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(Source: Global Research) – The protracted 2016 presidential campaign cycle has already begun, and with it the close attention of the media to the statements made by prospective candidates in hopes of discovering even the slightest “gaffe” that can be turned into a political news item.

All the more odd then that the remarks made at a New Hampshire town hall meeting by one Republican presidential hopeful, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have been virtually blacked out by all of the major print and broadcast outlets.

Asked by a member of the audience what he would do about automatic cuts to the Pentagon budget that would go into effect because of sequestration, Graham responded that the problem had left him sick to his stomach.
He continued:

“And here is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States: I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We’re not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.”

The statement is extraordinary. A candidate for the presidency of the United States vows that, once elected, he would use the military to impose his—and its—will upon a recalcitrant Congress.

Presumably, troops would hold members of the House and Senate at gunpoint until they produced the results demanded. – Read More – Global Research

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  1. He’s one of the three stooges: There’s Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and lastly, Lindsey Graham. All three are a bunch of bird brains that need psychiatric help; and hopefully not to be considered serious presidential candidates. Besides, it’s not fair to pick on those poor numbskulls. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk.

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