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Date: April 24, 2015

Not science fiction: Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur

(Source: Miami Hearld) – Armed with high-tech software and years of crime data, Miami police believe they will soon be able to stop crimes by predicting when and where they will occur.

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11 Signs That We Are Entering The Next Phase Of The Global Economic Crisis

(Source: Economic Collapse Blog) – Well, the Nasdaq finally did it.  It has climbed all the way back to where it was at the peak of the dotcom bubble.  Back in March 2000, the Nasdaq set an all-time record high of 5,048.62.  On Thursday, after all these years, that all-time record was finally eclipsed.  The Nasdaq closed at 5056.06, and Wall Street greatly rejoiced.  So if you invested in the Nasdaq at the peak of the dotcom bubble, you are just finally breaking even 15 years later.  Unfortunately, the truth is that stocks have not been soaring because the U.S. economy is fundamentally strong.  Just like the last two times, what we are witnessing is an irrational financial bubble.  Sometimes these irrational bubbles can last for a surprisingly long time, but in the end they always burst.  And even now there are signs of economic trouble bubbling to the surface all around us.  The following are 11 signs that we are entering the next phase of the global economic crisis…
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Are U.S. Citizens Aware of AND Prepared for “Jade Helm 15”? & More

Are U.S. Citizens Aware of AND Prepared for “Jade Helm 15”?

(Source: Activist Post) – The summer of 2015 may be one to remember for more reasons than one, especially since the U.S. government plans to implement “Jade Helm 15” exercises under the direction of “US Army Special Operations Command” in several western United States. Is the state you live in, one of them?

According to the “Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) JADE HELM 15”

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The US built a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities deep in Tennessee’s forest & More

The US built a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities deep in Tennessee’s forest to help gain an edge in negotiations

(Source: From The Trenches) – The US government built “a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities” deep in the forests of Tennessee to gain an edge in its negotiations with Iran, reports The New York Times.

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We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership

(Source: Wired) – It’s official: John Deere and General Motors want to eviscerate the notion of ownership. Sure, we pay for their vehicles. But we don’t own them. Not according to their corporate lawyers, anyway.

In a particularly spectacular display of corporate delusion, John Deere—the world’s largest agricultural machinery maker —told the Copyright Office that farmers don’t own their tractors. Because computer code snakes through the DNA of modern tractors, farmers receive “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle.”

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Another American Water Emergency: Utah Municipal Water Supply Tainted by Chemical Spill

(Source: Activist Post) – In the past couple of years, it seems that one American city after another has faced a water disaster when municipal supplies have become tainted. West Virginia and Ohio both faced water emergencies in 2014.

Now, the city of Nibley, Utah has issued an order to residents not to use the water from their taps due to a foul odor caused by contamination.

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Minnesota Declares Bird Flu Emergency, Offers Drug to Workers

WEB Notes: Of course they will hand out the vaccines they always do. The unfortunate things is peoples education concerning the topic of vaccines has been diminished. Schools and employers are now telling their people a vaccine is the best way to keep from getting sick. What an outrageous lie. The best way to keep from getting sick starts with your health, what you eat, how much water you drink the sun on your skin and keeping clean. Not injecting a foreign substance into your body.

(Source: NBC) – Minnesota’s declared a state of emergency because of bird flu, which has struck more than 40 poultry farms in the state.

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Half Of Frackers Will Be Gone By Year-End, Top Industry CEO Warns

(Source: David Stockman) – Following the CEO’s comments that over 100,000 energy jobs will be lost this year, an executive with Weatherford International – the fifth largest US fracker – has warned half of the 41 fracking companies operating in the U.S. will be dead or sold by year-end because of slashed spending by oil companies.

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Russia masses more forces near Ukraine border

(Source: Telegraph) – Russia is carrying out a new military build-up in eastern Ukraine, massing troops on the border and deploying advanced air defences inside its neighbour, according to the US State Department.

More units are being deployed near Ukraine’s eastern frontier, giving Russia a stronger military presence than at any time since October.

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Almost a Third of Those with Savings Have Less Than $1,000 for Retirement

(Source: Breitbart) – Study after study shows that Americans are not saving for retirement like they should, and a new survey finds that nearly one third of people who have some sort of savings plan have amassed less than $1,000 for retirement.

The survey titled “Preparing for Retirement in America,” by Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and Greenwald and Associates, finds that only 65 percent of workers have any savings for retirement, a number that fell below the 75 percent figure from 2009.

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